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What is HAPPY 365?

Have you got your house in order?

HAPPY 365 provides a clear and practical framework to help you figure out which elements in your business need your attention, and in which order, whether this be developing your teams with performance coaching or getting all your employment policies and legal matters in order. We know that it can sometimes feel overwhelming to know where to start and that is where our experts at Law 365 can help.

HAPPY 365 has evolved from the concept of the science of happiness and the field of positive psychology. A happy home is built on a solid foundation of good health, so that's where we begin our work.

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HAPPY 365 in a nutshell



Resilience is the key to your success


We can help you identify how happy and resilient you and your people are and where there are gaps that need to be attended to. We know that happy people show more resilience and are more productive which means your people's health and wellbeing is paramount! We can work with you through one to one or team coaching, to create bespoke programmes to build resilience, a growth mindset and positive wellbeing.

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Recognition and rewards


We can help you make sure you have your house in order when it comes to employment policies and reward systems.



Set objectives and KPIs


We can collaborate with you to design and roll out ambitious career pathways, set clear objectives and KPIs for your teams and coach your people so they can be confident, self-aware, and empathetic managers and colleagues, who are all engaged and committed to growing high performing, happy teams.

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Identify your common goals


We can support you through this process by helping you connect to your purpose. We provide team coaching and workshops to help you define and understanding your why, refining your values, outlining your dream culture. This can be particularly helpful if you are trying to align multiple cultures after a merger to get everyone on board.

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Live the dream


We can help you make sure you have your house in order when it comes to, employment policies and reward systems.


Get a HAPPY 365


Find out how you can retain and attract the best people.

You know that your people are your greatest asset, but how much time do you invest in making sure that every one of them is happy and rewarded by their work?

How can you engage them so they help to grow your business and protect it for the future?

To learn more, and speak to our highly qualified team, please get in touch.

Don’t just take our word for it... the struggle is real!

You only need to look at some of the global talent and employee engagement trends that have come out of the past 18 months to understand that creating the right culture and looking after your people is what makes business thrive and is what employees want more than ever.

Most businesses are struggling to attract and retain notable talent which has escalated as the pandemic has caused people to revaluate what’s important to them.

The LinkedIn Global Talent report 2022 found that work-life balance trumps even bank balance for job seekers, 63% of professionals select this as their top priority when picking a job, closely followed by compensation and benefits and then culture and colleagues.

If you are Microsoft Partner with a thirst for growth you need to do this work! We believe everyone should have a coach and every leadership team should spend time understanding their strengths, their purpose and how to embed the effects of this work into the rest of the organisation. If you do this your people will feel a greater sense of connection to the purpose of the business, feel more in control of their destiny and therefore be happier at work which is good for business!

- Alex Graves

CEO and Founder, Silicon Reef

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