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We know how important your employees are to your success will help you to have the best policies in place to protect them.

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There are challenges that all businesses face as they grow

It can be difficult for an entrepreneur to navigate some of them, every new member of staff brings a unique set of needs to meet — but don't worry, you're not alone.

At Law 365 our experienced team will help you to put policies in place that will cement your businesses values and culture — from how you manage flexible working to health and safety.

Expertise in every area of Employment law

Law 365's technology specialist employment team are able to provide straightforward, practical and tangible advice on a wide variety of matters.

As well as defining the role of an employee, an employment agreement sets out the areas which, as a business owner, you need covered.

Without one of these, your business is exposed to risks that we can help you avoid.

Employment Contract

Laws for hiring interns are different than traditional employment terms.

In these cases, you will need to put together a specific internship agreement – Law 365 can help.

Internship Agreement

When you need to exit an employee and you have both decided to settle any potential claims, we can help with a settlement agreement.

Settlement Agreements

Your social media policy can be a key tool in protecting a business from defamatory statements and damage to your reputation or company image.

A social media policy can be added to complete a company’s staff handbook, or it can be a stand-alone policy.

Social Media Policy

Keeping an office a safe place to work needs be high on an employer’s agenda, and we’ve all heard tales of claims people have made from accidents at work!

Learn more about why you need a Health and Safety Policy, and read our answers to your FAQs.

Health and Safety Policy

Half the world will experience the menopause in their lives, and it may influence their work life.

The effects can be both physical and psychological.

It is therefore important for both employers and employees to increase their awareness and sensitivity to avoid discrimination.

Menopause Policy

If an employee has issued a formal grievance at work, it must be handled with sensitivity and professionalism.

There are strict rules and responsibilities that have been created through government acts and recommendations from ACAS.

Grievance Procedure

Once an employee has been with a company for 26 weeks, they have a statutory right to make a formal request to change certain provisions in their employment contract.

These changes can range from the hours and days they work, to the location of work.

Flexible Working Policy

A consultancy agreement is useful when hiring a contractor or consultant, as it formalises the relationship between those involved and avoids any IR35 issues!

Consultancy Agreement

Creating a freelancer agreement is a useful way of mitigating the risks of non-payment of invoices.

This is an essential document to have if you’re looking to enjoy the benefits of freelance workers.

Freelancer Agreement

A staff handbook is a binding or non-binding agreement that documents the internal policies you have for your employees.

It’s essential for guaranteeing happy and productive employees – we’re happy to help you create one.

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An Equality and Diversity policy acts as a statement that you will not tolerate intolerance and discrimination.

Equality and Diversity Policy

Action against human trafficking and slavery must be taken in all levels of society, from the individual to international bodies.

Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy

Society has come along way in the fight for tolerance, inclusivity and equality.

But there is still work to be done for the LGBTI+ community, and particularly transgender people in the workplace.

Having a Transgender Policy in place is a positive and compassionate way for a company to contribute to the cause.

Transgender Policy

The odds are that all managers will have to deal with a disciplinary procedure at some point in their career, whether it’s giving a staff member a warning or dealing with gross misconduct.

Disciplinary Policy and Procedures

Looking for costs relating to tribunal services?

This page aims to set out and help you grasp the process, fees, and issues that may arise when a claim is brought against an employer in the Employment Tribunal

Employment Tribunal Services

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