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Justin Langford

Law 365 provide a fantastic service, with practical advice, supporting us in concluding agreements that are balanced and fair for all parties. They help us get business done, while highlighting risks and obligations to ensure we make informed decisions.

Gary Young - Peppermint

Juliet, Vashi and the team at Law 365 are brilliant to work with – knowledgeable, pragmatic, responsive and overall, very easy to work with. The perfect partner for Peppermint as we grow and develop our business.

Twan van Beers

We found Law 365 and decided to give them a try. It was one of the best decisions we have ever made! The team are incredibly responsive, knowledgeable and professional. Whilst we don't often say this about law firms, we love working with everyone at Law 365.

Alex Graves

Having a legal partner in Law 365 has given us the solid foundations to not only have great contracts and agreement templates to support our growth, but legal experts on hand who understand our industry and how Microsoft partners work with customers.

Nicole Hill

We chose Law 365 to help us because they’re specialists in Microsoft contracts, Microsoft Partners and the IT/software channel. It’s been fantastic, they’re always there when we need them.

Caroline Defieuw

I can’t thank the Law 365 team enough for its commitment to our business. Their turnaround time is fast and communication skills are exemplary which allows us to keep our business progressing on track. A great partnership.

Carl Grieves

There was a significant amount of added value working with an organisation that works with other Microsoft Partners. This is because they understand the complexities of contracting for products and services directly - and they understand having a dependence on Microsoft.

Matt O’Callaghan, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Peppermint Technology

Law 365 hosted a round-table review with my sales team to explore ‘The Art of Negotiation and Effective Communication”. The round-table provided the team with a good understanding of key terms in our agreement, their commercial importance to our business and the opportunity to test our negotiation tactics in a safe environment – a great learning experience for the team. 

Matt Takhar

Law 365 are a pleasure to work with. The team are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. They simplify the complex areas of law and are always available to help. I highly recommend their service.

Scott Dodds

We were looking for a modern and innovative legal firm with a deep understanding of the complexities of the technology world. Law 365's commercial models were flexible and fitted our requirements perfectly.

David Francis

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Law 365. They are extremely professional and gave straight-forward advice.

Matthew Eckersall

I would highly recommend Law 365 - they bring an important balance of credible professionalism and a human touch to everything. Great at fostering relationships whilst never deviating from the end objective.

Sean Roberts

Law 365 very quickly get to grips with the issues and takes a pragmatic approach to getting deals over the line in a timely manner without allowing their clients to take on unreasonable or unnecessary commercial exposure.

Matthew Reeve

For all the legal work needed by technology businesses, whether it be contract, company or employment law, I would highly recommend using Law 365.

Eric Hughes

Thank you for all the work you have put in helping us revise our Master Services Agreement. Your team have communicated with us well in a relaxed and friendly manner. You have been very responsive to requests and have proactively come up with suggestions based on how we run our business. I would happily recommend you to others and will absolutely use your services again.

Matt Dolton

Law 365 were interested in solving our problems for the long term, rather than keeping us as a client coming back to them again and again.

Leah Stiff

Law 365 just get it - they understand the risks, the gotchas, the things to consider and help you navigate working with other organisations both large & small. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend that all IT partner firms use their expertise.

Eoin McDonagh

Law 365 has been a dream to work with, very knowledgeable and professional. The team has a way of describing very technical law jargon in way that a 5-year-old can understand, which is very helpful. I would highly recommend their services.

James Butler

The team at Law 365 are very professional, polite and firm when they need to be. They've really helped us navigate some tricky situations for positive resolutions.

Peter Sweetbaum

Law 365 are part of our growth success. Not only do they help us close deals, they also help to ensure our people policies and processes match with the employee experience we want.

Nigel Redwood

The way we engage with Law 365 is simple – we have a monthly retainer that’s based on outcomes as opposed to how many hours/minutes they spend working with us. It’s very predictable as we know exactly what our costs are going to be.

Mark Travis

Law 365 has been a revelation, the new set of contracts they have developed for us are a step-change, they will really help us going forward.

Richard Lockey

First and foremost, the team at Law 365 are human beings. They're responsive and always available when we need them to be. They're very pragmatic, and if challenged, are realistic about the risks we’re opening ourselves up to.

Simon Lawless

The knowledge Law 365 has is vital. They understand our marketplace, and the types of opportunities and transactions we engage on, which makes life significantly easier.

Bruce Penson

Law 365 completely overhauled all of our service agreements at very short notice and with an exceptionally rapid turnaround. Their deep understanding of IT Managed Services businesses made it a painless process to translate the needs of our company and our clients into a robust legal agreement.

James Boother

Law 365 have been our legal counsel for almost a year. It's one of the best decision's we've made, they have been excellent in every aspect. We have predictable costs, a contract we are all comfortable with, and great advice. 

Giles Court

Since engaging with Law 365 we have seen a total shift in the way we approach engagements and legal issues. The team have been great to work with and I would strongly recommend their service to any agencies looking to gain a new level of understanding and control over their legal documentation and process.

Elaine Cooper

Law 365 has given practical advice across a number of people issues in a highly commercial environment while making complicated legal issues easier to understand, such as IR35! A delight to work with and always at hand to help.

Kim Simmonds, CEO and Founder, Law 365

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