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                                      Why Law 365?

                                      Discover a better way to work with modern lawyers.


                                      We know what Microsoft partners want in a modern law firm

                                      We’re different because we’ve modelled ourselves on what you want in a modern law firm. We asked 50 CEOs of Microsoft partners and leading tech firms and they told us that the traditional legal model was broken. 

                                      Just like you, they don’t want billing by the minute, tons of legalese or overly complex agreements that take weeks to finalise. And they certainly don’t want sky-high legal bills that are hard to budget for. We know there’s a better way. We’ve got what you need.

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                                      Straight-forward contracts that speed up your sales cycle


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                                      Fixed low monthly price that allows you to budget
                                      Accessible legal services with friendly lawyers
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                                      Lawyers that understand your business and needs



                                      Microsoft partners compromise themselves when they don’t use lawyers to help with all their commercial contracts and NDAs. All too often we see Finance Directors, Sales Directors and business owners reviewing and negotiating their own contracts, which introduces risk and rarely leads to the best terms for your business. 

                                      Join Law 365 and reduce your risk with better commercial contract terms and accessible legal services for your business.


                                      Our solutions

                                      Law 365 very quickly get to grips with issues and take a pragmatic approach to getting deals over the line in a timely manner without allowing their clients to take on unnecessary commercial exposure.

                                      Sean Roberts, Managing Director at Inframon

                                      Join us, we’re disrupting traditional legal services

                                      The traditional law firm model isn’t working anymore, which is why we offer a new kind of legal service. With specialised expertise and modern business technology, we’re disrupting the way that Microsoft partners typically experience legal services.

                                      Our team are experts in the Microsoft Partner Network, and we’re here to help with your every need!


                                      Fixed fee per transaction including contract reviews and negotiation.

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                                      Legal as a service: low monthly cost, rather than high unbudgeted fees.


                                      Friendly lawyers that are coached on exemplary client services.

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                                      Use of the latest Microsoft technologies like Teams and SharePoint.

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                                      More efficient, flexible and digitally savvy than traditional practices.

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                                      More efficient, flexible and digitally savvy than traditional practices.

                                      Our solutions

                                      Our research on Microsoft partners

                                      Typically, Microsoft partners only use lawyers on some contracts. The video below shows how many NDAs and contracts a typical Microsoft partner deals within a year. These partners tend to use lawyers sporadically, which results in business risk, and they tend to pay high fees for contract review and negotiation. 

                                      But there's a better way! Have all your contracts reviewed and negotiated by specialist lawyers. Reduce your risk and pay less overall.


                                      Law 365 subscription model


                                      Microsoft is not the only thing we master!

                                      We know you work with many other technology vendors and so do we.


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                                      Feedback from our clients



                                      Matthew Eckersall-1

                                      Matthew Eckershall,
                                      Senior Sales Director Cloud Services at Oracle

                                      I would highly recommend Law 365 - they bring an important balance of credible professionalism and a human touch to everything. Great at fostering relationships whilst never deviating from the end objective.


                                      We chose Law 365 to help us because they’re specialists in Microsoft contracts, Microsoft partners and the IT/software channel. It’s been fantastic, they’re always there when we need them.



                                      Nicole Hill

                                      Nicole Hill,
                                      Sales Operations Manager at Grey Matter


                                      David Francis

                                      David Francis,
                                      Integrated Services Director at Content + Cloud


                                      I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Law 365. They are extremely professional and gave straightforward advice.



                                      A fresh approach to legal services

                                      Many Microsoft partners don’t understand that their legal processes are not only holding them back from growth, but also exposing them to risks. 

                                      Our clients are Microsoft partners who trust us for our unparalleled Microsoft expertise and our fresh, accessible approach to legal services.

                                      View our Solutions to learn what we can do to help.


                                      Our solutions


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