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The latest news, updates and insights from the team at Law 365

8 min read

A is for Autonomy - HAPPY 365

Do I get a say, or don’t I? How to give your people more autonomy. "The more...
8 min read

How are you growing your business this Spring?

At Law 365 we’re celebrating the “birth” of two really exciting initiatives...
7 min read

12 essential policies for your Staff Handbook

Okay, you’ve just started your company or you’re ready to get your HR boots on...
10 min read

H is for Health (and resilience) - HAPPY 365

We believe that you need to invest in your health, wellbeing and resilience if...
3 min read

UK International Data Transfer Agreement (IDTA) now in force

On 21 March 2022, the new UK International Data Transfer Agreement (“IDTA”) and...
5 min read

2022 employment law rate changes are in!

April is the time of year when employment law rates go up. We have compiled...
2 min read

6 FAQs about Service Level Agreements (SLA)

If you think a simple managed services agreement between you and your customer...
2 min read

5 FAQs about Letter of Agreements (LoA)

1. What is a Letter of Agreement? A Letter of Agreement is a 4 page document...
3 min read

9 FAQs about website cookies

1. What is a cookie? A cookie is the digital footprint of a visitor to your...
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