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2 min read

Inflation and price increases – What protection is there for Microsoft Partners?

How is inflation impacting Microsoft Partners? Everyone is talking about the...
3 min read

Kim Simmonds sweeps awards for her visionary leadership

Wow! What a bumper year it's been for awards for Law 365! The competition was...
16 min read

1. Microsoft Partner Insights 2022 – Benchmarking Research

Welcome to the 2022 edition of Law 365’s Microsoft Partner Insights.  We teamed...
14 min read

2. Microsoft Partner Insights 2022 – Financial Review

What a year 2021 was! Just as 2020 brought a myriad of opportunities and...
9 min read

3. Microsoft Partner Insights 2022 – Recruitment

They say you can’t have a world-class business without world-class employees,...
8 min read

4. Microsoft Partner Insights 2022 – Employee Retention & Attrition

The global pandemic forced businesses to change in so many areas. But as we...
17 min read

5. Microsoft Partner Insights 2022 – Diversity & Inclusion

In recent years the topics of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) have moved higher and...
14 min read

6. Microsoft Partner Insights 2022 – People and the return to the office

In this chapter of our Microsoft Partner Insights series we dig a little deeper...
8 min read

7. Microsoft Partner Insights 2022 –Employee Compensation & Wage inflation

This is the seventh instalment in this year’s Microsoft Partner Insights, our...
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