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                                      1. Microsoft Partner Insights - Benchmarking research

                                      This is the first chapter of our 10 part blog series, for more chapters please visit Microsoft Partners Insights. 

                                      June 8, 2021

                                      2. Microsoft Partner Insights - Financials & Business Outlook

                                      This is the second chapter of our 10 part blog series, for more chapters please visit Microsoft...

                                      June 8, 2021

                                      3. Microsoft Partner Insights - People & Culture (Part 1)

                                      This is the third chapter of our 10 part blog series, for more chapters please visit Microsoft...

                                      June 8, 2021

                                      4. Microsoft Partner Insights -- People & Culture (Part 2)

                                      This is the fourth chapter of our 10 part blog series, for more chapters please visit Microsoft...

                                      June 8, 2021

                                      5. Microsoft Partner Insights - Compensation, Recruitment, Learning & Development

                                      This is the fifth blog in the Microsoft Partner Insights series. This chapter covers the...

                                      June 8, 2021

                                      6. Microsoft Partner Insights - Diversity & Inclusion

                                      Welcome to the sixth instalment in our Microsoft Partner Insights series. We invited over 50 of the...

                                      June 8, 2021

                                      7. Microsoft Partner Insights - Sales & Marketing

                                      We continue the Microsoft Partner Insights blog series with a look in to the sales and marketing...

                                      May 12, 2021

                                      Creating a workplace that supports better mental health

                                      We've signed the Better Workplace Mental Health Pledge! Law 365 is proud to have signed The Global...

                                      May 12, 2021

                                      5 ways we promote mental wellbeing at work

                                      “If you take care of your mind, you take care of the world.” Arianna Huffington At Law 365 we know...

                                      April 15, 2021

                                      Working at Law 365: Jonathan's Story

                                      Our most recent hire, Jonathan Sklar, describes how Law 365 is helping him develop as a newly...

                                      April 15, 2021

                                      Executive Performance Coaching and Wellbeing at Law 365

                                      It’s pretty unusual for a business with fewer than 15 employees to have a full-time Executive...

                                      April 15, 2021

                                      10 ways Law 365 is making a difference

                                      Every member of the team is engaged in contributing to our local community and wider society.

                                      April 15, 2021

                                      Working at Law 365: Elizabeth's story

                                      Our Associate, Elizabeth Tozzi, explains what attracted her to Law 365 and why she’s loving it so...

                                      April 15, 2021

                                      A day in the life of an Associate at Law 365

                                      Our office in Tunbridge Wells is on the Common, close to beautiful green spaces, 5 minutes walk...

                                      April 1, 2021

                                      Contracts and the Customer Journey

                                      This week I spent many hours working on the customer journey.  Not ours. Our clients’  journey with...

                                      March 26, 2021

                                      A great start to 2021

                                      It’s been a busy start to the year. 

                                      March 25, 2021

                                      A fresh batch of Cookie Policy… 4 things you need to know

                                      As much as we all love a fresh-baked cookie; most of us do a good job of bypassing a website’s...

                                      March 11, 2021

                                      7 FAQs about IR35 and Off Payroll

                                      As the 6 April 2021 date approaches, we’re receiving more questions about IR35 and Off Payroll...

                                      March 3, 2021

                                      What is the difference between a EULA and a SaaS Agreement?

                                      One of the more common questions we encounter as specialist Microsoft Partner lawyers is:  

                                      February 10, 2021

                                      More Brexit FAQs – Governing law and jurisdiction clauses

                                      Do the Recast Brussels Regulation and the Lugano Convention 2007 still apply post-Brexit? Before...

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