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                                      The latest news, updates and insights from the team at Law 365.

                                      February 4, 2021

                                      Settlement Status: What you need to know

                                      Europeans (EU, EEA or Swiss citizens) living in the UK have until 30 June 2021 to apply for...

                                      January 5, 2021

                                      Microsoft Partners — Your Brexit FAQs, answered

                                      We’ve spent a lot of time digesting all the information around Brexit so that you don’t have to!...

                                      January 5, 2021

                                      7 employment checks post-Brexit

                                      Following Brexit, not much will change in the world of employment law immediately, except for...

                                      December 29, 2020

                                      How will processing personal data change post-Brexit?

                                      It is unlikely that the Brexit deal has resolved the ‘adequacy position’ (see below), and as such...

                                      December 23, 2020

                                      3 Brexit Basics for Employers

                                      We’ve heard less about Brexit this year but, in spite of Covid and other challenges that have...

                                      December 8, 2020

                                      The Forever Promise: A game changer for the legal profession 

                                      And the Award goes to…Kim Simmonds and Law 365!  What an honour to be selected as “The Game Changer...

                                      December 3, 2020

                                      Can I change my Terms & Conditions?

                                      As consumers, we all receive notifications from time to time from service providers about changes...

                                      November 19, 2020

                                      12 solutions that are better than compulsory redundancy

                                      Microsoft Partners — Before you commit to redundancies, have you considered all the options that...

                                      November 11, 2020

                                      Your FAQs about e-signatures

                                      On 5 November, the UK entered a second lockdown, scheduled to last until 2 December. Along with the...

                                      November 5, 2020

                                      The Dream Office

                                      I’m not just a lawyer. I’m also, of course, a business owner, and when you run a small business...

                                      November 4, 2020

                                      Month #1 – Diary of a Mindless Leader (turning Mindful!)

                                      Wow, what an incredible first month I have had with the Inner MBA. I am currently being taught by...

                                      November 4, 2020

                                      Our CEO, Kim Simmonds, embarks on an Inner MBA at MindfulNYU

                                      This September, I was excited to start New York University’s MindfulNYU, Inner MBA program. It’s a...

                                      November 3, 2020

                                      Microsoft Partners: 4 Myths about Indemnity Clauses

                                      This blog has been written by our Senior Associate, Juliet Nutland, for those with a good...

                                      October 28, 2020

                                      No Legal-Speak! 6 FAQs about indemnities

                                      This blog has been written by our Senior Associate, Juliet Nutland, to give readers a basic...

                                      October 27, 2020

                                      Extension of Furlough and the Job Support Scheme on hold

                                      Breaking News  The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (aka the Furlough Scheme) has been extended...

                                      October 27, 2020

                                      Guidance for Employers – Mandatory self-isolation for Employees with Covid-19

                                      Since our first blog about the Job Support Scheme, new regulations have come in (starting 28...

                                      October 16, 2020

                                      Tips for employers holding “job at risk” redundancy meetings

                                      This is the first in a series of blogs looking at the redundancy consultation process (when you’re...

                                      October 13, 2020

                                      5 ways to support your employees during the menopause

                                      There are more women aged 50 and above working than ever before, and that number is on the rise....

                                      October 6, 2020

                                      It’s OK to not be OK – 7 ways we can support each other when the going gets tough

                                      The legal profession isn’t known for nurturing, but Kim Simmonds is working to change that, leading...

                                      September 25, 2020

                                      Move over Furlough – the New Job Support Scheme is coming in!

                                      Quick update – yes England is going back into a lockdown (a new improved version) – but did you...

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