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                                      October 9, 2019

                                      The Value in Timely Legal Advice

                                      This blog will explore the rise in technological advancements within businesses and the need to...

                                      September 25, 2019

                                      Contract liabilities for beginners

                                      In simple terms, a contract is a legally binding agreement. In a business context, it outlines the...

                                      September 18, 2019

                                      How do you know if you’re overpaying for legal services?

                                      Recent data from Apperio’s insight report has shown that as many as nine out of ten legal...

                                      September 11, 2019

                                      AI in law firms: what does the future look like?

                                      The art of practicing law is thoroughly human. It requires a huge amount of knowledge, reasoning,...

                                      September 4, 2019

                                      What does the CLOUD Act mean for Microsoft Partners?

                                      The cloud is omnipresent in today’s enterprise, its impact so great that new data regulations like...

                                      August 28, 2019

                                      4 Important Legal Points to Consider in any Subcontractor Relationship

                                      Subcontracting in the IT industry is rife. Either you are bidding with another third party, or you...

                                      August 21, 2019

                                      Tackling the Contractual Challenges of Combining Professional Services and Managed Services into One Robust Document?

                                      As a law firm specialising in helping Microsoft Partners with the ‘everyday contracts,’ some of the...

                                      August 14, 2019

                                      What Is The Point Of An Indemnity In A Contract and Can We Effectively Limit Our Exposure?

                                      Indemnities are becoming more prevalent in Customer contracts. The very wording surrounding an...

                                      August 7, 2019

                                      5 Important Legal Points to Consider in any Commercial Contract

                                      With commercial contracts which can range from a few short pages to a few hundred pages, how does...

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