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Kim Simmonds wins "Commercial Law/IT Lawyer of the Year" in the Women in Law Awards 2021

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Kim Simmonds is delighted to have been recognised by Lawyer Monthly for their Women in Law Awards 2021 for her "outstanding legal expertise and contribution within the practice area of Commercial Law / IT."

Each nomination was subject to a rigorous evaluation to ensure fairness and accuracy.

Lawyer Monthly’s research department worked to a point-based evaluation system which was applied to each person shortlisted for entry. Points were awarded for each of the criteria below:

  1. Votes received from Lawyer Monthly readers
  2. Raising awareness in relation to equality and gender issues faced by women in the legal sector
  3. Amount of documented activity in 2020/21 when compared to industry peers
  4. Size (monetary amount) of involvement within transactions, deals & cases (where relevant)
  5. Involvement in significant legal cases and legal activity
  6. Peer recognition and personal achievement
  7. Strategic thinking and planning
  8. Previous accolades and entries within the international legal guides
  9. Published articles and journals
  10. Client care and innovation

I'm trying to improve the legal experience for both my clients and lawyers. For too long the relationship has lacked trust and transparency. My extraordinary team at Law 365 is passionate about explaining the law without confusing legalese and making sure our clients receive impeccable service.

We're good at what we do, because we have a ton of knowledge and experience. We're specialists in all things Microsoft, and our clients can see how that adds value for them.

- Kim Simmonds, CEO and Founder, Law 365

How is Kim working to advance women in the legal profession? 

  • We’re growing fast. Law 365 has quadrupled in size during the pandemic. We’ve grown from 3 employees to 22 and from 10 clients to more than 40.
  • Law 365 is a female-led firm. I advocate positive change for women in the workplace both young and old, leading on family values and also opening up to issues that workplaces are scared to talk about, such as discussions around menopause and perimenopausal women. 

  • Our employment practice is led by Megan O'Hara who was recently promoted to Partner.  Employment services have been an instant success. The advice that Megan provides is the perfect complement to our existing commercial services and has really been essential for our clients during the lockdown. 

  • We are game changers in wellbeing - not only in bringing on Louise Otton, our ICF accredited Executive Performance Coach, full-time to work with us, but also the countless mindfulness practices and sessions we bring to the team.  We have daily meditation, tea breaks, mindful walks every week during office hours, sound led meditation twice a week as well as all the external advice we get on healthy eating and nutrition. 

  • We've won numerous Awards recognising the way we are delivering legal services. We have created a forever promise as part of the subscription service- we promise to keep our clients to a high legal maturity and keep them there. We have also created a membership style subscription where our members are part of a book club and coaching sessions.  

  • Have you seen our NPS scores? We rank as WORLD CLASS!

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Fancy a natter about legal matters?

Are legal worries getting you down? Let the Law 365 team help you grow your business with less risk.

What makes us different?

  • We only work for Microsoft Partners, just like you.
  • We offer our services as a monthly subscription – so you can budget your legal costs for the year. No surprises.
  • We’re your  'in-house’ legal team, but we won’t bog you down in legal jargon.
  • We’ll work at your pace to get deals over the line. Fast.

Call us on 01892 313 943 or drop us a note at hello@law365.co

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