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An employment guide for Microsoft Partners

How to survive and thrive.  As lockdown eases - what does this mean for employers?


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Our IT lawyers work with over 30 Microsoft partners and IT Service providers

We pride ourselves on helping our clients grow and win better business with great contract negotiation and contract review. Since working with our clients, six of them have been recognised as Microsoft Partner of the Year Award winners.

We chose Law 365 to help us because they're specialists in Microsoft contracts. It's been fantastic, they're always there when we need them.

Nicole Hill, Sales Operations Manager at Grey Matter

Are you managing risk in your business?

If your business isn’t consulting with specialist commercial and IT lawyers, you could be putting yourself at risk. It’s all too easy to get caught out by hidden clauses in contracts that seem innocent at first – that’s why we provide specialist advice and supplier-friendly contracts that protect your business, so you can grow rapidly.

When was the last time an IT lawyer understood your business?

As a Microsoft partner, you need a legal firm that specialises in the world of technology law. We have a wealth of experience and have been helping Microsoft partners grow for over 10 years. If you are an SI, ISV, MSP, LAR, LSP, CSP, hosting partner, reseller, or work with Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 or Azure, we can help you!

Do you know many fun and friendly IT lawyers?

No one wants to deal with a dull, jargon-spouting lawyer. We’re different at Law 365 – we pride ourselves on being fun and friendly to deal with. Our team are coached in the very best client service practices. Call us on 020 8132 6943 to see for yourself!

Have you worked with a Microsoft partner specialist lawyer before?

We specialise in helping technology firms grow, with a focus on Microsoft partners. We also cover a wide range of third-party technologies used by our clients, such as: Adobe, Mimecast, Transvault, Kaspersky, Egnyte, Twillo, BitTitan and MigrationWiz.

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Do you want to grow your business faster with less risk?

Don’t let time-consuming legal contract review and negotiation distract you from growing your business. Focus on the bigger picture, safe in the knowledge that our specialist technical lawyers are reducing risk in your business by taking care of the commercial contracts.

Do you want to speed up your sales cycle and get better deal terms agreed?

At Law 365, we know that your legal processes don’t have to hold up deals. In fact, they can speed them up! We can save you time by working directly with your sales team and providing fair contracts that can be processed quickly. Time saved lets you focus on winning more business.

Do you want predictable legal costs so that you can minimise risk?

With the ability to factor specialist legal counsel into your budget through transparent, fixed costs, your business can minimise legal risks and complexity – without compromising on time or money.

Do you want to offload time-consuming IT contracts and NDAs?

When you’re struggling under a heavy workload of specialist contracts, Law 365 is the ideal law firm to bridge the gap. Our skilled IT lawyers support your team by streamlining legal processes and reducing turnaround time.

Our Awards and Recognition


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Innovator of the Year Award Law 365

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Is there a better way to engage with lawyers?

Yes! At Law 365 we pride ourselves on our modern and accessible legal services. We eliminate stress through our fast processes and our predictable, fair prices. Our fixed-cost model means that a typical Microsoft partner will pay less over a year than with a traditional law firm. Not only will you save on costs, we’ll help you to reduce your workload and eliminate risk in your business. Find out what our research of 50 Microsoft partners reveals in the video below!

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