June 29, 2021

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    Law 365 is proud to be a certified Great Place to Work for three years in a row!

    "My mission and purpose are to build a team and culture which makes a profound difference to people’s lives.

    The business was born out of the desire to fix a broken legal system and provide a working environment where people feel valued, respected, and listened to. We are honoured to be Great Place to Work-Certified! 

    Looking after my staff’s wellbeing is my top KPI and this is a great recognition of all the effort that we collectively put into Law 365 every day to create a resilient organisation where people love coming to work. If my staff are happy and performing their best, I know my clients will be delighted with our service.”

    Kim Simmonds
    CEO and Founder, Law 365

    Special categories

    PLUS we've also been recognised by Great Place to Work for these special categories:

    What is the Great Place to Work certification? 

    Great Place to Work’s mission is to 'build a better world by helping organisations become great places to work for all'.

    Each workplace is judged on the following criteria: Trust, values, leadership effectiveness, financial growth, and innovation by all. Receiving the Great Place to Work Certification recognises the efforts that Kim and the team have put into the company, which has grown by 300% in the last year.

    "A great workplace is more than lavish perks, fancy parties and amazing benefits. While those elements are present in many Best Workplace™ organisations, at its core a great workplace is about the level of trust that employees experience in their leaders, the level of pride they have in their jobs; and the extent to which they experience camaraderie with their colleagues.

    Great Place to Work® performed rigorous evaluations of hundreds of employee survey responses alongside Culture Audit™ submissions from leaders at each company to create the 2023 UK's Best Workplaces™ list. They then used these data insights to benchmark the effectiveness of companies' employee value propositions against the culture their employees actually experience."

    Great Place to Work

    What are our key strengths?

    • We are a friendly welcoming firm!  New joiners are made to feel like part of the team from the word go as we invite them to all our social events online or in person, even before they join. 
    • We offer unique benefits which make a difference to the experience people have at work. 
    • The culture at Law 365 is one where people feel psychologically safe to work and feel truly valued and trusted. 
    • We are a close knit team and Kim has created a true family feel where everyone cares about each other. All staff are encouraged to support and challenge each other to get the best out of the team.  

    What are our areas for growth and development?

    It is fantastic to have received such incredible results and, as we grow, we are focused on ensuring that we continue to maintain the culture that we have created. When results are so high it is valuable to look at what small amendments can be made to keep striving to create a great workplace.    

    1. To continue to engage our people, ask them what is working and what is not working and to continually strive to make the necessary tweaks and adjustments to keep Law 365 as a great place to work!
    2. To maintain the culture of inclusivity, openness and trust. We encourage each other to share honest feedback, show vulnerabilities when needed, and to check in on one another.
    3. To invest in more development and training opportunities for the team to ensure they are getting the most out of their role with Law 365.  

    What do our people say?

    “There is complete transparency. Everything is discussed and everyone has a voice. Mistakes are openly discussed with no blame or recrimination. They are also very keen to make sure people have good work/life balance”. 

    “There's a huge focus on staff wellness - I feel so genuinely cared for and taken care of that it encourages me to do a great job for the team and our clients.”

    “The strong focus on professional development at all junior-senior levels and unique wellbeing offering. This coupled with a warm and welcoming team make this by far the most unique company I have worked for.”

    What has contributed towards this success?

    Strong client relationships are so important to the business and, while excellent client service is a priority, this is not to the detriment of personal wellbeing. Kim truly feels that by showing she respects work / life balance she will attract the right people from all ages, stages and walks of life, because quite honestly, who would not want that balance? 

    Law 365 operates in a way that really should not be ground-breaking, but is. Employees are encouraged to take care of themselves as well as their clients. We have an executive performance coach who works individually with each member of staff for 2 hours a month (and every other week with us as a team.)  

    First to shake off any preconceived notions that might be limiting their success, and then to develop the skills and mindset that will help them reach their goals. 

    Kim has achieved this by managing client expectations, which includes acknowledging that employees have a life outside work and do not have to be available 24/7. 

     What else helps to make us a Great Place to Work

    • Everyone has received coaching to developing strong resilient behaviours, enabling us to take control of our physical and mental wellbeing.  
    •  We give everyone a set IT home office equipment to ensure they have a comfortable home set up, and we encourage flexible working.  
    • Connection is key, so we set up a variety of team check-ins, from morning ‘tea breaks’, daily mediations, to fun social nights and an annual company retreat. 
    • We have a buddy system, creating a mentoring culture amongst the team.  
    • We celebrate successes and mistakes, always learning and improving.  
    • A suite of holistic wellbeing activities ranging from virtual nutrition workshops, menopause workshops, gong baths, PT, yoga, mindful walks to wine tasting, pasta making, and cocktail workshops are on offer.  
    • All birthdays and milestones are celebrated!  

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    The Global Business Collaboration for Better Workplace Mental HealthMindful Business Charter

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