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Creating a workplace that supports better mental health

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We've signed the Better Workplace Mental Health Pledge!

Law 365 is proud to have signed The Global Collaboration for Better Workplace Mental Health Pledge, joining other like-minded organisations that are putting their people first.

Through this pledge we commit to:

  • Develop and deliver an action plan to support good mental health at Law 365.
  • Promote an open culture around mental health, working towards eliminating stigma.
  • Take proactive steps to develop our culture and ways of working towards creating positive mental health and reducing mental ill-health.
  • Empower people to manage and prioritise their own mental health and support one another.
  • Signpost people to mental health tools and support they need.
  • Regularly measure the impact of our efforts, being open about our progress, to influence and inspire change in our organisation and beyond.

Kim Simmonds, our CEO, has been doing this since she launched Law 365, and this cements the work that Law 365 are doing to support our people. As the impact of Covid and the pandemic becomes more apparent, leaders and organisations are committing to creating workplaces that are more mentally healthy for everyone, everywhere.

Click here to see the signatories of the pledge

To find out more about how we support our wellbeing in the workplace, read our blog,  '5 ways we promote mental wellbeing at work'.

Learn more about how we're building a better workplace

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Wellbeing & Performance

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