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The team at Law 365 have a bonafide smorgasbord of individual talents and interests, but we’re united in our passion for what we do and the excellent client service we provide.

We feel lucky to be working in one of the most dynamic and thriving sectors, with clients who are both ambitious and agile.

Taking care of my staff is my top KPI. If they are happy and performing their best, I know my clients will be delighted with our service.

Do you want to be part of our success? It’s a wild ride, so buckle up!

Caitlin Fearon, PA to Kim Simmonds, Law 365
Caitlin Fearon
PA to Kim Simmonds


Elliot Burton, Paralegal, Employment Law, Law 365
Elliot Burton
Paralegal, Employment Law


Elyse Palmer, Associate, Commercial Law, Law 365
Elyse Palmer
Associate, Commercial Law


Emma D'Souza, Senior Associate, Commercial Law, Law 365
Emma D'Souza
Senior Associate, Commercial Law

Emma Salmon, Associate, Commercial Law, Law 365
Emma Salmon
Associate, Commercial Law


Harriet Hutchinson, Senior Associate, Employment Law, Law 365
Harriet Hutchinson
Senior Associate, Employment Law


Howard Rickard, Digital Marketing Director, Law 365
Howard Rickard
Digital Marketing Director


Irina Leitenberger, Business Development Executive, Law 365
Irina Leitenberger
Business Development Executive

Jessica Tanon, Data Scientist, Law 365
Jessica Tanon
Data Scientist

Julie Alchin, Partner, Commercial Law, Law 365
Julie Alchin
Partner, Commercial Law


Juliet Nutland, Partner, Commercial Law, Law 365
Juliet Nutland
Partner, Commercial Law


Kim Simmonds, CEO and Founder, Law 365
Kim Simmonds
CEO and Founder


Louise Purcell, Managing Associate, Employment, Law 365
Louise Purcell
Managing Associate, Employment

Luis Otton, Operations Director, Law 365
Luis Otton
Operations Director


Martin Hatch, Technical Architect, Law 365
Martin Hatch
Technical Architect


Matt Cockcroft, Managing Partner, Law 365
Matt Cockcroft
Managing Partner


Nia Lucas, Finance Director, Law 365
Nia Lucas
Finance Director


Toby Statham, Technical Architect, Law 365
Toby Statham
Technical Architect

Urvashi Suddul, Associate, Commercial Law, Law 365
Urvashi Suddul
Associate, Commercial Law


Awards and recognition for Law 365

Awards and recognition
Kim Simmonds, CEO and Founder, Law 365

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