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We provide contracts and agreements you need for all stages of the sales lifecycle

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We provide support at every stage of the lifecycle - from the formation of deals, scoping of requirements and projects, management of service levels and support teams, and the legal delivery of a deal.

We pride ourselves on helping to develop long-lasting relationships between you and your clients. We don't believe in a one size fits all style, and our advice is carefully tailored to your specific requirements, budget, and size.

If you’re providing support and/or managing systems, you’ll need to ensure that your template is tailored perfectly.

Support terms are different from build terms, so you’ll need a specialised approach – we can help you with that.

Managed Services Agreement

This document acts as a framework agreement – supported by statements of work for each service a customer takes out with you.

If you often propose both consulting / build type of services, alongside support arrangements, we can build a Master Services Agreement that’s perfectly suited to your needs.

Master Services Agreement

All your professional services – including build and consultancy – are covered in a Professional Services Agreement.

It acts as a framework agreement, supported by statements of work. Building an excellent client relationship is easy when you have the right documents and specialist advice.

Professional Services Agreement

A statement of work is the first step to defining what you’ll provide for a client.

For all statements of work, it’s important that the terminology and the right information is inserted to marry up the main agreement.

Our expert lawyers can help you write the perfect statement of work.

Statement of Work

This is a four-page document for consulting work less than £25,000.

If you need to simply consult without much risk but with contractual cover, we’ll help you create a document that’ll get your business moving.

Letter of Agreement

We love to review, revise and negotiate any customer paper you receive and need help getting over the line.

We’re pragmatic and effective in our review and negotiations, and we have a track record of getting contracts over the line quicker than most.

Customer Agreement Reviews and Negotiations

We can draft various as-a-service agreements such as SAAS, PAAS and IAAS.

No matter what services your business offers, we’ll be able to ensure that your agreements are watertight and your clients are happy.

Software as a Service

Platform as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service

EULA are essential, especially if you have a proprietary piece of software you need to protect and offer rules on its use.

Your users will have the best experience with your software when you provide a EULA tailored by our expert lawyers.

End User License Agreements

These are important in a support service relationship.

They indicate what the supplier can offer – in terms of its service levels in the guise of priority levels and response times – alongside fix times, downtime, uptime and associated remedies (sometimes these may include service credits).

Service Level Agreements

If you need to transfer ownership of an IP, we can help you with this.

Using an IP agreement, we can help you seamlessly manage ownership and ensure that every party is happy.

Intellectual Property Assignment Agreements

If you’re reselling third party licenses, how do you ensure that you’re covered contractually between you and your customer – if your third party has caused an issue?

Flowing down terms is a watertight way of ensuring no gaps between your terms with your customer and your terms with the third parties.

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If you’re a Microsoft CSP provider, you need to ensure you have a Customer Agreement in place with your customers.

Have you ensured this is built into your terms yet? The work of CSP is changed in October 2019, so please contact us for more information.

CSP Customer Agreements

If you need to licence and maintain an IP product – and need the right mechanisms to describe the use of this product and its support and maintenance – this is the document for your business.

Our lawyers will help you negotiate the right terms to help you grow.

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