Software-as-a-Service Agreements (SAAS)

Software-as-a-Service Agreements (SAAS) for Microsoft Partners
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Why do you need a Software-as-a-Service Agreements (SAAS)?

If you provide Software as a Service (SaaS), then you'll need to create an agreement between you and your clients to define the rules, responsibilities and financial terms for the use of your services in a legally binding document.

What is a Software-as-a-Service Agreements (SAAS)?

The perfect SaaS agreement will be one that you can use for all your clients, so it needs to be thorough and concise. The agreement should determine the terms and conditions of the use of your software, including subscription, payment, liabilities maintenance and termination.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: SaaS products are cloud-based apps that are licensed and distributed to users via the internet. Commonly used SaaS products includes Zoom, Microsoft 365 Cloud and many Content Management Systems. The global Software as a Service market was valued at $157 billion in 2020.

A: The answer is all about retaining control over the product. With the SaaS model, the product does not reside with the end user, they access it via the cloud. This means you as the developer can constantly improve your product, fix bugs, install upgrades and have better security with  oversight of who is using your product, and how.

This varies company to company. The basic service is hosting the software and customer data on the supplier’s servers. Some companies might work with a “there is the product, have fun!” approach, while others may offer additional services like customer support, training and maintenance.

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This is a “Forever Template”

We will continually update this template with the frequent Microsoft updates such as CSP and other flow down terms, plus we will update the relevant terms to ensure you can claim as many rebates as possible, and get recognised by Microsoft such as CPoR, (Claims Partner of Record) DPoR (Digital Partner of Record), and PAL (Partner Admin Link).

We will also continually update this template as the law changes, for example, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the effects of Brexit on our laws, as we untangle ourselves from the European Union.

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  • Managed Services Providers
  • ISV, Software, Apps and IP
  • System Integrators Professional Services Consultancy Partners
  • Hosting Partners
  • Licensing Partners
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