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Letter of Agreement (LoA)

Why you need a Letter of Agreement (LoA)

A Letter of Agreement is a four page document for consulting work less than £25,000. The Letter is ideal for those short-term consulting projects that don’t require a lot of negotiation, while still maintaining a contractual footing.

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What is a Letter of Agreement (LoA)?

A Letter of Agreement is our short, neat and sweet document for transactions under £25,000. The LoA acts like a small contract that outlines simple terms and conditions for you and your client to follow. This letter, when combined with a Statement of Work (SOW), is a great way to get the ball rolling on projects that pose less risk but still require legal protection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does a Letter of Agreement go into effect?

A: Unless it is otherwise stated, the agreement comes into effect when both parties sign.

Q: When do you write a Letter of Agreement?

A: You should write your letter when both parties have mapped out the arrangements of a project, perhaps when the Statement of Work is drafted. The Letter of Agreement is a formal acknowledgement that both parties’ consent to the deal/project.

Q: Is a Letter of Agreement the same as a contract?

A: A Letter of Agreement is a legally binding document exactly like a contract. Letter of Agreements tend to be shorter, with less provisions and clauses. With less detail than a huge 50+ page contract, parties could be more exposed to risk when using a Letter of Agreement. They are best suited for business deals with less value (£25,000 or less).

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