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                                      April 22, 2020

                                      Chapter 3 in the ‘Contract for Beginners’ series: Contract termination

                                      The third chapter in the series ‘Contracts for Beginners’ looks at a topical issue a lot of...

                                      April 15, 2020

                                      Chapter 2 in The ‘Contract for Beginners’ series: How to manage project delays

                                      At Law 365 we have received a lot of questions about how to manage project delays for onsite...

                                      April 8, 2020

                                      Chapter 1 in the ‘Contract for Beginners’ series: Time is of the Essence

                                      Can ‘time is of the essence’ be bad for me as a Supplier in a contract? As a Supplier of IT...

                                      April 1, 2020

                                      Why you never want to sign a one-way Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

                                      Our series of blogs “A day in the life of a Commercial IT Lawyer” cover some of the issues we deal...

                                      February 26, 2020

                                      Customer Success and Value: How to Measure Growth

                                      What do these words mean to you? 

                                      February 5, 2020

                                      Better Subcontracting: Get the Low-Down on Your Flow Down Terms

                                      If this title caught your eye it’s a fair guess you already understand the concept of...

                                      January 29, 2020

                                      Adventures With Endeavours – What Is It With ‘Endeavour’ Clauses?

                                      So, you’ve set your sights on new horizons It’s an amazing feeling isn’t it? You’ve generated a...

                                      January 22, 2020

                                      Why You Need An Agile Legal Team To Achieve Success

                                      Here at Law 365 we are unashamedly proud to consider ourselves Microsoft Partner experts.

                                      January 15, 2020

                                      Legal As A Service: What You Need From Your B2B Legal Services

                                      We take a look at how the world we live in has reshaped our products and services – and where the...

                                      January 8, 2020

                                      Why Do You Need an End User License Agreement? (EULA)

                                      If you’re an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), an End User License Agreement (EULA) is a really...

                                      December 18, 2019

                                      Boost Your Revenue By Working With A Microsoft Specialist Lawyer

                                      For a business, having a lawyer isn’t optional: there are contracts to be signed, client...

                                      December 11, 2019

                                      3 reasons why you need website terms and conditions

                                      While crafting your new website, it’s easy to expend all your creative energy on sleek design, key...

                                      December 4, 2019

                                      Top 4 Benefits of Outsourced Legal Services

                                      Legal processes are a vital part of daily life for almost every business. Whether that’s creating...

                                      November 27, 2019

                                      4 Types of Business Agreements that You Should Be Aware of

                                      At some point in their working lives, everybody will interact with a business agreement, whether...

                                      November 20, 2019

                                      Could Robots Replace Lawyers?

                                      AI and machine learning have developed significantly in recent years. In fact, so profound is the...

                                      November 13, 2019

                                      What do Microsoft Partners Want from Modern Legal Services?

                                      Since the establishment of the Microsoft Solution Provider Program in 1992, now known as the...

                                      November 6, 2019

                                      Introducing Law 365: a Modern Law firm for Microsoft Partners

                                      Our valued existing clients will no doubt already be aware of the recent changes that have taken...

                                      October 30, 2019

                                      Does your Tech Company Need a Specialist Startup Lawyer?

                                      There’s usually a lot of excitement around launching a startup. However, amidst all the...

                                      October 23, 2019

                                      Microsoft Future Decoded and AI for Good

                                      We were thrilled to take part in Microsoft’s Future Decoded. A festival of tech, AI and Microsoft...

                                      October 16, 2019

                                      A Guide to GDPR for Marketing in the B2B Technology Sector

                                      In May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) officially came into force. The...

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