February 9, 2022

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    Yes if they pay an uplift of 20% but otherwise no.

    Customers are now locked in

    One of the key differences between the Cloud Solutions Provider platform and New Commerce Experience programmes is that customers are now locked in for the period in which they’ve subscribed to.

    Decreasing subscriptions

    Licence subscriptions can be decreased if a change is made within the initial 7 days of placing the order or an uplift of 20% is paid for each month for the privilege of decreasing.

    Increasing subscriptions

    Licence subscriptions can be increased at any time during the term – however, it’s really important to note that once licence subscriptions go up, they cannot go down (without the flex of the 20% uplift) .

    This means that if you start the year with 10 licences and increase to 50 during your annual term, your only flexibility in movement is upwards - you cannot decrease your subscriptions back down to 10 licences – once you’ve increased the number of subscriptions cannot go below this.

    Customers who opt for the 1 monthly term (with the uplift) will be able to change their licence numbers on a month by month basis. Regardless of whether the licences are in use or not, they will be payable up until the end of the term.

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    FAQs on NCE and CSP

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