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Health and Safety Policies for Technology Businesses
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Why do you need a Health and Safety Policies?

Keeping an office a safe place to work needs be high on an employer’s agenda, and we’ve all heard tales of claims people have made from accidents at work!

Employers have statutory and common law duties placed on them staff and having a health and safety policy in place is an absolute must. Get in touch with our friendly experts below if you're looking for guidance on Health and Safety Policies.

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What is a Health and Safety Policies?

Training, equipment, first aid officers, fires, manual handling – all of these points and many more need to be included in a Health and Safety policy.

There can be no 'one size fits all' Health and Safety policy as each business has different needs. For instance, if your staff work more from a desk, then screen fatigue and back issues will need to be addressed. If you work with hardware installation then, manual handling and electricity safety will need to be top of the agenda. Aside from recognising individual safety points details about risk assessments and who carries them out, must be included too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: According to the statutory code of practice created by the Equality and Human rights commission, Policies such as the Health and Safety should be reviewed at least annually.

A: With a Health and Safety policy, the highest position in the company has the overall responsibility. However, the role to oversee its day-to-day management, creation and review is often delegated to another member of the company; that person is generally known as the Health and Safety officer. This is quite an important responsibility, so it should go to a competent person!

A: The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 states that all businesses with more than 5 employees must have a Health and Safety policy and ensure that their employees are aware of it. There are also many common law and statutory duties placed on employers to take reasonable steps to ensure employee health and safety.

This is a “Forever Template”

We will continually update this template with the frequent Microsoft updates such as CSP and other flow down terms, plus we will update the relevant terms to ensure you can claim as many rebates as possible, and get recognised by Microsoft such as CPoR, (Claims Partner of Record) DPoR (Digital Partner of Record), and PAL (Partner Admin Link).

We will also continually update this template as the law changes, for example, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the effects of Brexit on our laws, as we untangle ourselves from the European Union.

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