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Equality and Diversity Policy

Why you need an Equality and Diversity Policy

Education is critical. People who lack self-awareness may not realise they are being inconsiderate, thoughtless or even breaking the law.

Make sure all staff receive training and it's a good idea to make sure they sign off that they've read these policies and know what's expected. Worst case scenario, in a tribunal you will want to be able to demonstrate that you have a great policy in place and staff have been trained to understand it.

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What is an Equality and Diversity Policy?

An Equality and Diversity policy acts as a statement that you will not tolerate intolerance and discrimination.

Generally, this policy will contain promises from the company that during recruitment, training, on-going employment, and promotion – staff members will be judged on their character and not on their background. An Equality and Diversity policy also demonstrates your compliance with the Equality Act 2010.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does equality and diversity mean?

A: Equality is the idea that everyone should be treated equal regardless of their background, while diversity is about recognising and celebrating differences that make us who we are. Having a workforce of different backgrounds, knowledge and experience; leads to a rich, more well-rounded team.

Q: How to promote equality and diversity in the workplace?

A: Having a policy in place is a good start, and it must be appropriately enforced and reviewed. In it, you can outline any awareness training that can be offered to staff, which may range from a leaflet to a full course. The promotion of equality and diversity can take place at all stages of employment, from recruitment, development, promotion and leaving.

Q: Why is equality and diversity important?

A: Upholding the values of Equality and Diversity are vital in creating a more tolerant society and protecting an individual’s human rights. We believe that by championing these values in the workplace we can have a wider impact outside the office.

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