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Silicon Reef catch bigger fish with Law 365 by their side.
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Law 365 has given us great contracts and templates to support our growth, and legal experts on hand who understand our industry and how Microsoft Partners work with customers.

Levelling the playing field 

Silicon Reef came to Law 365 as they were growing rapidly and negotiating significant deals with bigger clients. 

They found that the large enterprise clients had legal advisors and expected Silicon Reef to have the same.  In sales terms, this is called, ‘matching the buyers' table.’

It's very hard to get the terms you want if you are ‘out-gunned’ during negotiations.  Silicon Reef were finding it difficult to play ‘hard ball’ with their clients when negotiating contracts.

They were in a challenging position of wanting to get the deal closed and win the business, so found themselves all too often conceding on points in order to keep the customer happy and get the deal over the line.

Silicon Reef needed a legal partner who could match the buyers' table, so they could negotiate a fair contract and take the stress out of negotiations.

Law 365 with their Microsoft expertise was the perfect choice.

Speeding up the sales cycle

Law 365 started with a thorough review of all contracts and the overall sales processes.  A complete new set of templates were created, including the following:

  1. Microsoft-specific Managed Services Agreements for the increasing amount of support work being undertaken.
  2. New Professional Services (Consultancy/Project Work) contracts, designed to be fair and rapid to negotiate.
  3. Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) allowing the sales team to respond quickly when a potential customer wanted to share confidential project details.
  4. Letter of Agreement (LoA) -- a short form letter that makes it even faster to close a small deal but still provides the key protections needed.

All templates specified Digital Partner of Record (DPoR), Claims Partner of Record (CPoR) and Partner Admin Link (PAL) ensuring that Silicon Reef were able to claim any rebates available from Microsoft.

Silicon Reef

Silicon Reef are a leading Microsoft Partner and SharePoint development agency. 

As specialist SharePoint consultants, Silicon Reef provide project management, design and development services, including migration, bespoke intranet solutions, and cloud strategies based on Microsoft products.  They have a range of brand- name clients ranging from mid-market level businesses though to Government departments and enterprise clients. 

  • £2,500,000+ Revenue
  • 40+ Employees

Since engaging with Law 365 we have seen a total shift in the way we approach engagements and legal issues. Kim and the team have been extremely accessible and great to work with.

Giles Court

Employment advice for Silicon Reef 

We started our relationship with Silicon Reef with a thorough assessment of all their employment documents and processes.

Since then we've been busy drafting a Director's Service Agreement and reviewing their Contracts of Employment and the Staff Handbook.

We've also advised on corporate transactions, the implications of TUPE, and compliance requirements for Data Protection. 

Alex Graves

If you’re a Microsoft partner looking to have a stable foundation, with contracts that protect your future, then Silicon Reef would recommend you speak to Law 365 today.

Silicon Reef Key Technology Partnerships

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Services Delivered by Law 365

  • Consultancy Agreement
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Data Protection Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Privacy Notice
  • Cookie Policy
  • Statement of Work
  • Managed Services Agreement
  • Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment Regulations (TUPE) consultation advice and policy creation
  • Master Services Agreement (MSA)
  • Licence Reseller Agreement
  • Contract Review and Negotiation
  • Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Letter of Agreement (LoA)
  • Back to Back Agreement
  • Flow Down Terms
  • Director's Service Agreement
  • Contracts of Employment
  • Settlement Terms
  • Staff Handbook
Kim Simmonds, CEO and Founder, Law 365

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