Subscription pricing for legal services

Subscription pricing

We heard you. Legal help can cost too much

It's time-consuming, and it's too hard to initiate help. That's why we created a legal model that's fit for purpose.

Now you can swap high and unpredictable legal bills for a small, fixed monthly fee… and have a legal team on hand whenever you need them.

Subscription model cost

Use the slider to see what legal support you need

Our monthly credit based system means you can choose the amount of legal help you need and predict your legal spend for the year, with no nasty surprises.



+VAT per credit, per month

Including GBP discount

Billed as GBP +VAT per month

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Mitigate risk

Apply spare credits to often neglected smaller contracts

low price
Low monthly price

Low fixed monthly pricing avoids unexpected costs

Friendly lawyers

Legal advice from friendly, experienced lawyers

Microsoft specialists

Lawyers that understand your business and needs

The way we engage with Law 365 is simple – we have a monthly retainer that’s based on outcomes as opposed to how many hours or minutes they spend working with us.

It’s very predictable as we know exactly what our costs are going to be.

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Kim Simmonds, CEO and Founder, Law 365

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