October 9, 2019

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    This blog will explore the rise in technological advancements within businesses and the need to stay up to date with any accompanying laws. It will look at the value in gaining timely legal advice in order to avoid risks or penalties associated with failing to comply with evolving regulations.

    A rise in technology solutions for businesses

    We are witnessing an undeniable surge in technology usage within the workplace. Technology such as the cloud and collaboration tools have provided businesses with the ability to work remotely, boost productivity and improve daily processes.

    With the rise of new technology, however, we will inevitably see an increase in laws surrounding associated processes, security and access – such as the GDPR. Failing to comply with such regulations could have a serious impact on your business’s profits, reputation and long term growth potential.

    “The problem with the MSPN is that it can change a lot. You can put a lot of investment into making sure you’re meeting Microsoft’s requirements in terms of certifications and standards one year, and that can all change the following year… We engaged with Law 365 because of their Microsoft knowledge. We know that if we’re working with them, and we’re using them to negotiate the real important and complex customer contracts, then we’re going to be up to date with the latest changes. That was the main driver behind working with them.”

    Nigel Redwood – CEO, Nasstar plc

    Keeping up with the evolving legal needs of your business should always remain a high priority – particularly when using technology.

    Stay up to date with the latest technology laws

    It’s always been a challenge for lawyers to stay ahead of changes in the law. In fact, it’s a significant and highly important aspect of the job, as it ensures that lawyers provide the best possible advice and representation for their clients.

    It can be difficult to keep up with the speed of technology as a regular, commercial lawyer.  Developments in technology often occur faster than the law can keep up with, and many law firms may find themselves overwhelmed by technical jargon and ever-evolving technology.

    This, of course, is highly problematic for businesses. As the technology industry continues to excel, so too do the legal battles that shape and support it. With so many companies relying on technology, we are seeing a dramatic increase in high-stakes litigation.

    Countless reputable businesses have been hit with huge data breaches over the last few years, and many more global tech companies have been involved in major litigation cases. Uber’s $245 million secret trade settlement with Waymo, for instance, and the $1 billion smartphone patent dispute between Apple and Samsung are two high profile cases that have made the headlines in recent years. They illustrate critical business challenges brought about by the intersection of technology and the law.

    You need a specialist on side

    To stay competitive in your field, you must embrace the latest technology. And, to keep your business safe, you need timely legal advice that is in line with your business requirements, programs and processes. This applies to businesses of all sizes, in any industry.

    Having a specialist lawyer on your side, then, can only be advantageous. The right lawyer will understand your technological needs and be able to provide specialist, agile legal advice that keeps you up to date with the latest regulations.

    Essentially, a specialised lawyer will already understand how your technology works and how your company operates. This level of expertise means that advice can always be delivered in a timely manner – as no time is wasted whilst a lawyer gets to grips with your needs.

    Choose Law 365 for timely legal advice

    Law 365 is the ideal law firm for tech companies and Microsoft partners. Our team have a wealth of experience within the Microsoft Partner Network and can easily stay up to date with the latest technology and its impact on regulations. We specialise in all the various contractual stages of a technology project and we keep our fingers on the pulse – so that we can always deliver timely, up-to-date legal advice to protect your business from risk.

    Don’t put your business in jeopardy by failing to acquire timely legal advice surrounding technological advancements. Choose Law 365 for a firm that specialises in the world of technology law.

    Call us today on 01892 313 943 to book in for a free consultation and find out how we can help to protect your business from risk by providing timely legal advice when it matters most. For more information on the range of services we offer, feel free to visit our website here.

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