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Our Digital Lawyer checks details other lawyers may not such as:

Is the signatory a Director?

Is the registered company number correct as listed on Companies House?

Why did we create LawyerBot 365?

Because the process of reviewing NDAs with a lawyer is far too time-consuming

1 in 100 VAT registered companies are Microsoft Partners, and the majority DIY their NDAs to avoid expense and wasting time.

However, we discovered through research that many didn't understand key clauses such as "time is of the essence" and "best endeavours".

As a result, these businesses carry the burden of unnecessary risk that could be very costly in future.

LawyerBot 365 is the first step in building simple, affordable and efficient AI solutions that could help you, and thousands of Microsoft Partners.

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Get a free NDA review by a human lawyer

Get a free NDA review by a human lawyer

When you use LawyerBot 365 in BETA

AI gets learns by being exposed to more data, so please keep feeding it with NDA documents so it can get better and better!

As LawyerBot 365 is improving from the NDAs it reads, you'll receive a free NDA review from a human lawyer too (like Juliet here), in order to ensure you're getting the best of both worlds.

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Known Issues

We are adding new features and teaching as much and as quickly as we can. Any known issues will be checked and corrected by a human too.

If you do find an issue please let us know

Send us an email us at

  • Non-Word document formats (PDF / JPEG) are not currently supported
  • Word document templates (.dot / .dotx) are not currently supported

  • Address identification precision

    You may find that the address is marked as incorrect, even though the declared address is correct.

    This is likely due to a formatting issue (missing or additional punctuation), or —

    Additional fields such as Town or County information) which is leading it to think that they are different when geographically they are referencing the same location.

  • Identifying Signatories — it will occasionally fail to recognise when a named individual is referenced.

Release Notes

LawyerBot 365 is learning new things every week and we push out updates all the time.

Below is a list of all the things we are now allowing it to do…

PS - Don't mind the weird numbering of the releases, these are auto-generated by Azure DevOps as we are testing new builds several times a week!

  • 20.09.22 — Release 160

    Heuristics improved to link company names and registered numbers to ensure the correct company information is returned

  • 15.09.22 — Release 156

    Improvement to Companies House searches - it no longer looks for the US Government or European Union as "companies" in a contract

  • 06.09.22 — Release 150

    Bug Fix: Some documents were failing to be processed due to an issue with corrupt Microsoft Word Paragraph ID values.

  • 24.08.22 - Release 148

    New Support for .doc files added

  • 12.08.22 — Release 143

    Improved identification of One-Way vs Mutual contracts

  • 09.08.22 — Release 141

    New Risk Scores are active — each email response includes a risk score rating for the contract being processed!

  • 15.07.22 — Release 129

    Bug fix The wrong company will no longer be checked when a company is registered in Companies House as "Limited" but declared in the contract as "Ltd" (and vice versa)

    Improved detection of "exclusion words" such as "does not" or "excluding" when checking certain clauses.

  • 14.07.22 — Release 128

    Bug fix "Holding Company" is no longer flagged as an actual company name in contracts

    Bug fix Company comments now appear in the correct paragraph when you use the correct company name initially, but swap "Limited" with "Ltd" when declaring the full company number and address

  • 12.07.22 — Release 126

    When a company officer appears as a signatory, their occupation is only shown if they have one listed in Companies House

    Bug fix When declaring your Governing Law and Jurisdictions the phrase "England and Wales" no longer identifies as a foreign territory

  • 05.07.22 — Release 124

    Added in enhanced address lookups leveraging Bing Maps APIs — to improve fidelity of addresses in contracts when comparing to Companies House data.

  • 16.05.22 — Release 118

    Improved identification of comparing Mutual and One-Way NDAs

    Improvements to the identification of time period to support natural language phrases (e.g. “three years”)

    Improved accuracy of company name identification — especially comparison of “Limited” to “Ltd”

  • 05.05.22 — Release 116

    Update to improve identification of foreign territory values when checking jurisdictions and governing laws.

    Added support to check signatory names with Companies House to verify that they are active company officers.

  • 04.05.22 — Release 114

    Enhanced processing of large paragraph text blocks — using punctuation and structure to break paragraphs down for processing

  • 26.04.22 — Release 111

    Updates to identification of company records and how they are handled.

    Document comments relating to identified companies should now appear in a more relevant section of the document.

  • 14.04.22 — Release 105

    Bug fix For Word documents being processed which have <null> Paragraph ID values

    Numerous internal fixes for testing and release processes

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