The Employment Law Helpdesk is a helpful, flexible bolt on for Law 365 Subscription Clients to assist with those small, quick questions that pop up occasionally - without requiring the use of a full credit, providing you the opportunity to access lawyer expertise for all your employment law queries throughout the year.

Choose your tier

The bolt on is simple, select a set number of hours, and use them as you need them. These can be accessed at any time over the course of a year, with no limit on usage per month or quarter.


12 hours helpdesk access

£3,000 +VAT


18 hours helpdesk access

£4,500 +VAT


24 hours helpdesk access

£6,000 +VAT

Raise a helpdesk ticket

To seek legal advice through the Employment Law Helpdesk or request more information regarding the service please submit a form and the team will contact you to discuss further.

Please add as much information or any documentation you can to help the team to better understand your enquiry.