NLP Engineer


About the role

Are you an NLP Engineer? (Automated Legal Document Review and Analysis)

Are you passionate about AI and machine learning and the impact it will have on businesses? Would you be excited at the opportunity to join a company looking to shake-up the legal industry and democratise access to legal services? If so, we have a fantastic opportunity for you to join our team as an NLP Engineer.

At Law 365 we are developing a cutting-edge legal tech SaaS product specifically tailored for Microsoft Partners, a rapidly growing market of technology partners with approximately 500,000 companies globally. Our web-based application aims to democratise access to high quality legal services by providing an automated and cost-efficient solution for creating, reviewing, and managing commercial and employment contracts.

As an NLP Engineer, you will play a key role in building and enhancing language models that power our automated legal document review and analysis process.

What you'll do

  • We're looking for an NLP engineer to join our team and help us build language models (NER, Intent Analysis, classification, etc.) that will be used as part of our automated legal document analysis process.  
  • The majority of our current models are built and hosted in off-the-shelf, no-code tools (e.g. Language Studio, part of Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services) – Your role would be to collaborate and help improve current models, in addition to developing new ones. Ultimately, how models are built is up to the engineer, as long as they can be deployed and queried. 
  • Take ownership of projects and act as a self-starter, driving the development and implementation of NLP solutions. 

Qualifications & experience

Required Skills
  • Strong experience in NLP model building.  
  • Knowledge of end-to-end NLP processes, including:
    • Data gathering, labelling, preparation.
    • Model building, evaluation, deployment, and monitoring.
  • Familiarity with the automation of data preparation steps using scripts, notebooks, or code-based approaches to ensure efficient and scalable processes.
  • This role will require you to also work closely with our legal team, so the ability to effectively communicate to non-technical team members is key.
  • Self-motivated and proactive, with the ability to work independently and take ownership of projects. 
Nice to Have Skills
  • Knowledge of data storage best practices, including anonymisation and GDPR compliance.
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services and/or Microsoft Language Studio.
  • Proficiency in Python, including object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts and coding best practices (documentation, testing, PEP8, etc.).
  • Experience Spacy or other NLP libraries.
  • Familiarity with Prodigy or other labelling tools that enable collaborative work. 

Extras in the benefits package

  • 25 days annual holiday

    Increasing with each full year served up to maximum addition of 5 days, first increase effective from the date on which you have completed 2 years’ continuous service.

  • Additional 3 days’ paid leave at Christmas

  • An additional day of paid leave for your birthday!

  • Hybrid and flexible working arrangements

  • Private medical insurance (Vitality)

  • Pension

  • Full home office set-up provided (laptop, monitor, chair, keyboard, mouse)

  • Wellbeing initiatives and activities

  • Weekly wine-o-clock

  • Monthly social

  • Central (and dog-friendly) office located within walking distance of Tunbridge Wells train station.

Not your average law firm

We have made the conscious decision to operate less like a traditional law firm, and more like the forward-thinking, fast-growing client companies we serve.

We knew that the traditional old-school law firm model was staid and in need of a comprehensive overhaul, both for the benefit of our clients and our colleagues. We hated the focus on billing in six-minute-increments (or part thereof!), overly competitive cultures, demanding work hours and not being a true legal and business partner to the clients we serve.

We created a model that was a win-win for both the clients and our colleagues — while we can, and do, offer support to our clients on a fixed-price or hourly-charges basis where they really need it, we promote a subscription-based model (like Hello Fresh or Netflix) which fosters an ongoing, close relationship with our clients.

We use, and develop, the latest technology to better meet our clients’ needs and make their lives easier — and also to support the work our teams undertake both in service of those clients and to look to disrupt the legal sector.

The result is a hybrid between an in-house and private practice model where clients can outsource their commercial and employment law needs.

Our subscription model means that clients can enjoy our services on a regular and ongoing basis, without worrying about escalating costs. Instead, they pay an affordable and consistent monthly subscription.

The knock-on effect? We are not incentivised to run up hours of work to generate additional fees.

This means we can concentrate on being the best lawyers and trusted counsel for our clients without fixating on achieving additional six-minute-increments.

Tunbridge Wells office

Our office is located in Tunbridge Wells, Kent which is a stone’s throw away from Tunbridge Wells train station and has direct lines into Charring Cross, London Bridge and Waterloo.

We operate hybrid and flexi working — where the core client-facing hours are 10am-4pm.

Many of our team live in and around Tunbridge Wells, but others are based and predominantly work from a great distance, like Devon and Liverpool.

Microsoft Partner

A niche and growing market

The Microsoft Partner market is a thriving niche market that is rapidly growing - with over 30,000 partners in the UK alone.

The team at Law 365 really understands the language of Microsoft Partners, advising them on their partnership terms with Microsoft as well as all the ways their business supports and delivers its services to customers.

Our clients are loyal to us because they love the prompt delivery of pragmatic, adaptable and solutions-based legal advice that all members of the Law 365 team provide.

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Future-proof your career by specialising in legal IT. IT is a non-negotiable, must-have for all businesses – from the high street to the Fortune 500.

Demand for cloud computing and AI is on the rise and legislation is changing constantly to protect and regulate this sector as it expands. Few companies have contributed more than Microsoft to this rapid digital transformation.

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