July 27, 2022

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    Wow! What a bumper year it's been for awards for Law 365! The competition was fierce, so there is so much to be proud of and we are all so grateful. Here are just some of the awards that Kim Simmonds has received personally in 2022 for her leadership.


    • Global 100

      Kim Simmonds - Best CEO & Founder of the Year – UK

    • AI Publishing Global Excellence Awards

      Most Influential Woman in Technology Law 2022 – Kent

    • Lawyer Monthly’s Women in Law Awards
      Commercial Law / IT - Lawyer of the Year

    Global 100 - 2022 award logoLawyer Monthly 2022 Commercial IT Lawyer2022 global excellence awards winner Kim Most Influential Woman in Technology Law



    The awards ceremony is later this year, so fingers crossed!

    • National Business Women's Awards NBWA

      Business Owner/s of the Year

      Business Woman of the Year – Small (£1 Million to £10 Million turnover)

      Influential Business Woman of the Year

    • Great British Entrepreneur Awards for the South East

      Service Industries Entrepreneur of the Year”


    What makes Kim Simmonds stand out from the crowd?

    Kim loves what she does and it shows. Her hawk-like attention to detail and experience beyond her years make her the perfect partner for her clients.

    Kim sees the bigger picture and genuinely wants her client’s businesses to prosper. She sees their success as our success. But more than that, by helping them to grow, she can see that we’re creating a positive ripple effect:

    Currently 1 in 100 VAT registered companies in the UK is a Microsoft Partner. Small IT companies can grow rapidly. They create millions of jobs in the UK. But only 10% of them use a lawyer regularly. They say legal advice is too expensive and it slows down the sales process with legalese. We’re currently the only law firm in the world to specialise in providing our services to Microsoft Partners. It’s a huge market and affects every business in the world, so our work is vital for the UK economy.”

    She’s made Microsoft Partners her life (she even married one!) and there’s very little she doesn’t know about them. In fact, many Law 365 clients find that Kim and team are able to act as business advisors as well as legal advisors, because their knowledge of Microsoft and the Microsoft Partner Network is so extensive.

    A vision for a better future

    This year has been really exciting for Law 365. With Kim at the helm, the firm has launched two new services:

    • LawyerBot 365

      LawyerBot 365 uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to speed up the NDA process so that Microsoft Partners can get to work faster.

      As Kim says, “To service technology clients, it made sense to heavily invest in AI tools. LawyerBot 365 provides fast, cost-efficient, and accessible legal advice. It’s priced for start-ups (costing about 1/10th of a human lawyer) and available 24/7, 365 days a year. It’s been a great success so far. We’ll be developing it further to support larger contracts in the future.”

    • HAPPY 365

      HAPPY 365 is a marriage of the best employment policies and professional performance coaching to help our clients attract and retain the best staff. And let’s face it, with more demand than ever and excellent people in short supply, who doesn’t need that?

    It takes a village

    Clients love Kim’s legal team, because they're brilliant at what they do and passionate about delivering exceptional service! They are innovative and flexible and open-minded. Many of them have spent decades in traditional firms – where expectations and values aren’t the same as Law 365’s. Every member of the team actively participates to make our culture a better one.

    And, perhaps most important of all, Kim’s employees love Law 365.

    This year, as the company grew to 27 strong with over 50 clients, 100% of Law 365 employees voted the company a Great Place to Work, placing us among the top in the country. This was the 2nd year in a row that we were awarded this accreditation.
    Law 365 is also proud to have signed the Better Workplace Mental Health Pledge and the Mindful Business Charter.


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