April 26, 2023


    We’ve embraced webinars in 2023 because we really love the interaction that they offer. Here are some of our recent recordings and a few reasons why you might like to sign up to our webinar series.

    1. Meet our team 

      You'll love that our webinars allow for real-time interaction between our legal experts and an audience that is really engaged in a particular topic. You can find out what your peers concerns are, while having an informal introduction to our lawyers. In just 30 minutes to an hour you can get the information you need to help your business.

    2. Get the answers you're looking for

      Let’s cut out the middle man…The webinar format allows us to present timely advice about issues you’re dealing with right now. You can ask questions and get immediate feedback. In fact, we encourage our audiences to ask questions before the event so that we tailor our presentations to meet your needs.

    3. Webinars save money and are better for the environment

      They reduce the need for expensive travel, venues, and equipment. This makes it possible for businesses of all sizes and all locations to access valuable information without breaking the bank or the planet.

    4. Convenience and accessibility

      Are you suffering from diary-management fatigue? We record all our webinars so you don’t have to arrange your day around a time commitment – you can catch up on the go, or late at night with a soothing beverage.

      Here are some of the webinars we’ve produced in 2023, please let us know what you think!

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    Employment legislation changes in 2023

    HubSpot Video


    This webinar covered the major employment legislation changes to watch for this year and what you need to do to prepare.

    At Law 365 we recommend getting policies updated before they become law. You'll be compliant AND you'll look extremely competent!

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    Building for Exit: Advice for Microsoft Partners


    In this webinar, Chris Hodgson and Paul Shannon, co-CEOs of OBT Advisory (and 10-year veterans of the Microsoft Partner giant, ANS) joined Kim Simmonds to pull back the curtain on preparing your business for successful exit.

    They discussed topics such as the importance of getting a good management team in place, to engaging staff and preparing for due diligence.

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    Navigating Redundancy: Advice for employers


    Many businesses are facing the tough decision of restructuring their workforce to remain competitive and sustainable.

    We know this process can be daunting, and employers often struggle with the legal and ethical considerations involved in redundancy.

    This webinar covers:

    • A quick recap on the legal requirements redundancy
    • What constitutes a "fair process"?
    • Alternatives to redundancy
    • Tips for good leadership in redundancy situations.

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    The HAPPY 365 podcast series

    Our Employment team has worked extensively with an Executive Performance coach to develop this series for Microsoft Partners.

    This is a vital part of our commitment to help Microsoft Partners grow with less risk. You can't succeed if you have systemic problems in your business, find out how to cement your values and culture with the right policies and contracts.

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    Menopause in the Workplace


    Until very recently, this topic was considered taboo, something to talk about in private. It certainly wasn't something that you would talk about in the workplace. But now, with over 4 million women in work between the ages of 45 to 55 who are likely to be menopausal, peri-menopausal or postmenopausal this is a topic that needs to be addressed in all spheres of life.

    Celebrities have been speaking out for menopause awareness on multiple continents (the likes of Davina McCall, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama) as well as menopause doctors making headlines (like of Dr Naomi Potter, Miss Anne Henderson and Dr Louise Newson) -- all trying to change the way menopause is treated both medically and by society. But despite this increased awareness many employees still struggle to find support, and employers can be caught off guard if they don't have the appropriate knowledge or resources.

    It's clearly a matter that needs to be addressed in order for businesses to retain their experienced and skilled workers and to squash any stigma that still is associated with the menopause and its symptoms.

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    Partnerships -- the latest trend for 2023


    There's been a recent surge in Partnership Agreements and our experts explain why they've become a key element in the strategy of Microsoft Partners.

    In the webinar we discuss different types of Partnership Agreements such as:

    • Referral/introducer Agreements
    • Reseller/value-added reseller Agreements
    • Subcontractor Agreements

    and explain how these agreements work, what they offer, and why they're crucial for Microsoft Partners.

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