January 4, 2023

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    We make compliance less complicated.

    1. You'll always be prepared for new legislation

    Staying abreast of legislation can prove very stressful for a solitary HR professional, perhaps never more than in recent years with challenges like IR35, furlough, settlement status and Covid health and safety requirements.

    • How do you know that you’re doing the right thing?
    • What’s the best way to communicate to the business?

    Having an employment lawyer on hand to discuss these issues with can offer peace of mind as well as prepare you for issues that might be lurking ahead.

    2. We can help you to recruit and retain the best people

    Even when you’re not dogged with Government legislation changes, the focus now is on recruiting and retention of staff.

    3. We define and embed your culture in your contracts and policies 

    Competition is fierce for top talent, and we can help you create the work culture and employment policies that will put you ahead of the rest.

    4. We know how to create a Great Place to Work

    We’ve been ranked in the top 5 in the country for the last two years by “Great Places to Work” – Would you like us show you how?

    Our latest offering to clients brings together employment services and performance coaching in a unique service - HAPPY 365.

    The best contracts and policies aren’t worth the paper they are written on if you have systemic problems in your organisation.

    No wonder this holistic approach is proving to be a WINNER!

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