February 9, 2023

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    Welcome to the Happy 365 Podcast! In these 6 episodes we unpack the hot topics in employment law, professional coaching and company wellbeing.

    Meet our hosts:

    • Louise Otton, our Executive Performance and Wellbeing Coach | LinkedIn
    • Megan O’Hara, the Partner who heads up our Employment team | LinkedIn
    • Elliot Burton, our favourite paralegal and formally trained thespian | LinkedIn

    Episode 1: What are the biggest challenges facing Microsoft Partners now?

    The last few months have seen newspaper headlines warning of the Great Resignation and the War on Talent.

    While some Microsoft Partner businesses will be unaffected by these trends, others will have found themselves in the middle of this bun fight for talent and will be looking for ways to recruit new people and to retain their best employees.

    We can help! Watch Episode 1:

    Episode 2: Why should you care about having happy people in the workplace?

    Building a wonderful workplace culture is not a new concept for most Microsoft Partners.

    In many ways, IT employers have paved the ways for others when it comes to improving the way we work, such as blazing the trail for flexible and hybrid working long before the pandemic.

    But how do you build a happy workplace? Our experts explain how having the right policies and procedures in place is critical to manifesting the values you hold dear.

    Episode 3: Interview with Kim Simmonds, CEO and Founder of Law 365

    In this episode we put Kim in the hot seat and ask her about the challenges of running a business.

    Law 365 has been recognised as a Great Place to Work, our clients gave us a world class 86% NPS score, and Kim has won numerous awards for her leadership, so what has worked for her, and what hasn't?

    Episode 4: The Dark Side: Grievances, discrimination, redundancies and dismissals

    So far in this series we've focused on the lighter side of employment: Good teamwork, positive work culture, and benefits galore.

    But there is of course a dark side. What happens when things go wrong? From grievances and discrimination to redundancies and dismissals – this episode addresses the way to handle these tricky situations calmly and fairly.

    So we've adopted a totally different format, putting our team through a bit of a role play challenge. Megan plays the Employment lawyer / HR role and explains the legal aspects that an employer must consider, and Louise will play the employee and give her insights on the situation as a performance and wellbeing coach.

    Coming soon...

    Episode 5: Our solution for clients, HAPPY 365

    HAPPY 365 combines the best of employment services executive coaching and people development to help you grow a happy workplace. It’s a virtuous circle – happy people make happy clients and make your business more successful and profitable. Now that’s something to smile about!

    In this episode, the Team explains how they created this offering for our Microsoft Partner clients, and why it works.

    Coming soon...

    Episode 6: Burnout and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)

    In this episode we are going to be discussing burnout. Another buzz word. It's been discussed widely since Jacinda Arden cited it as her reason for stepping down as PM, but it's still a condition that's misunderstood.

    We discuss what is it and the effect can it have on employees, businesses and productivity. Then we explain why tackling burnout should be high on your businesses agenda.

    Coming soon...

    Find out more about our client offering HAPPY 365

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