January 4, 2023

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    It’s been a dream of mine, from the early days of starting my own business, for Law 365 to be recognised as a B- Corp. 

    I feel we’re already on the right track… for example, we’re paperless, which is fairly extraordinary for any law firm. It’s hard for some people to believe. But really, we have one printer in the office and it’s collecting dust. 

    This isn’t just my dream. All my employees are individually on the same mission. About half the staff are either vegetarian or vegan, and we all make an effort to be more responsible about sourcing ethically-produced products. Our offices are close to the station, so people can commute. Every bit counts. 

    What does achieving B-Corp mean?

    Becoming a B-Corp isn’t easy. It’s a rigorous certification for businesses that challenges them to be at the forefront of environmental and social change by implementing policies and processes that are meaningful, responsible and inclusive. 

    Private businesses can be driving force for so much good in the world – and the ripple effect can be huge, as every B-Corp sets an example for their staff, their customers and suppliers to follow. 

    This Christmas, we sent B-Corp Certified gifts in our quarterly book club mailing. The products are from a company called Georganics who produce beautiful and natural products (like toothpaste, floss, brushes and mouthwash) for better oral healthcare. They are a great example of a company leading the way to a more conscientious planet.   

    Net PositiveAlong with the gifts, the book I chose for our Book Club members was Net Positive. It’s written by Paul Polman, ex-CEO of Unilever, and explains why we (the owners of private businesses) shouldn’t leave it to Government or “someone else” to make change happen. There is a moral imperative for every individual and every company to make difference in society and to play their part in saving the planet.


    Would you like to join us on our journey?

    We’re embarking on the application process in January – wish us luck!

    Or would you like to join us by applying too? Be our B-Corp Buddy? We'd love to have your support and to cheer you on. Just send me an email.  

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