October 15, 2021

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    What do you do?

    Well, we are a law firm that works exclusively with Microsoft Partners and offers them a subscription based legal service, exactly like you might find with a SAAS business model.

    That means we can do three things for our clients: save them time, save them money and reduce their company risk. And that’s what we’re all about; in fact, our company mission is “to help Microsoft Partners grow with less risk.” Last year, on average our clients saved 10% on their legal fees and we helped streamline their sales cycles. How does your company manage its contracts?

    I heard about your subscription service? I wonder… how’s that work?

    We are a law firm that specialises in Microsoft Partners, but unlike traditional lawyers, where bills can build up and up and up, we have a subscription service so Microsoft Partners can spread their legal cost throughout the year with no nasty surprises.

    So, imagine your company deals with 30, 40 contracts a year -- things like NDAs, T&Cs , SLAs? Now you might negotiate the smaller contracts yourself, thinking you'll save yourself some money and there isn’t a lot of risk. But you hate doing it, and you're not entirely sure you've got the best terms.

    But then you win, say, 5 big contracts throughout the year. Big, as in, BIG money.

    Now with big money, comes big risk, right? So, you have to get a lawyer. Ouch. You brace yourself for the bill. They bill by the minute. They don’t really know your company. There’s a lot of back and forth... and you feel they're holding up the sale.

    Those 5 big contracts cost you £50,000, give or take. Meanwhile you're still working on on those smaller contracts!

    At Law 365 we take all your legal work off your hands for what it costs you now to complete just your big contracts. The fees are spread across the year at a fixed price, so your finance team will love that they can budget the legal spend.

    Like Audible, you just pay for what you need -- a certain number of credits per month. Credits can be used for all contracts, from little NDAs to huge, 50-page MSAs. That’s all your contracts sorted. We also can help with negotiation, employment matters – we even offer coaching.

    I’m sure your aware that lawyers aren’t the best loved bunch. They can be stuffy, expensive, slow, and they speak in legal jargon!

    At Law 365 we decided that law firms needed a complete overhaul and re-vamp.

    We focused on why people didn’t like lawyers and built the company from there. First, we changed the traditional billing model to a subscription-based service. Then, we sped up the legal process by specialising in a specific pool of clients, Microsoft Partners. After that, we hired friendly, down to earth lawyers who speak plain and simple English. Because of this, we’ve saved our clients an average of 10% per year on legal fees, streamlined their contracts and mitigated their company risk.

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