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Wellbeing at Law 365

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The legal profession isn’t known for nurturing, but Kim Simmonds is working to change that, leading by example. She not only provides the best IT and flexible working, but also offers all employees the opportunity to work with our in-house Executive Coach, Louise Otton, to ensure they have all the tools they need to succeed.

Making mental health a priority

Kim takes employee physical and mental health seriously and, in addition to monthly 1-2-1 executive coaching, Louise leads regular team coaching sessions and provides weekly PT, yoga and meditation sessions for staff.

We want our clients to succeed too, so Kim has asked Louise to share some of the work we do with her here in this series of blogs. We find these tools help us to achieve our full potential and to provide the best service to our clients. We hope you find it useful too.

3 steps to a kinder workplace

The theme for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week was kindness.

We all know that acts of kindness have the potential to make the world a happier place, so ideally we want to live in a world where kindness as a value is built into business decisions, government policy and official systems.

We all have a part to play to make this happen. Here are 3 simple steps to a kinder world and workplace:

1. Be kind to yourself

This is really hard for some people! But as flight attendants have told us for years, you simply must “put your own oxygen mask on first.” You can’t help others until you’ve got what you need yourself. Strip this back and it becomes clear that to do this you need to have the self-awareness to acknowledge what your needs are and how to meet them. It may take courage to ask for help or to admit that you’re not coping. But it feels great afterwards. Only then can you serve others and meet your goals – whether that’s to be a great leader, employee or a parent. ⠀

2. Share the love

Did you know that by helping others, we can increase our feelings of self-worth and purpose, and reduce our own feelings of stress and anxiety?

“Almost two-thirds of UK adults say that being kind to others has a positive impact on their mental health.”  The Mental Health Foundation

Kindness is the bedrock of all relationships both professionally and personally, and empathy can make us more resilient during tough times.  It can be a simple as asking if someone is OK, taking the time to find out how their weekend was, or recognising someone’s hard work and giving them feedback on a job well done.

3. Lead by example

Kim has made this her mission at Law 365. She’s paving the way for other employers to follow her lead and showing them how kindness can be catching, and commercial. Happy staff make happy clients, and happy clients are good for business.

Find out how you can retain and attract the best people

You know that your people are your greatest asset. But how much time do you invest in making sure that every one of them is happy and rewarded by their work? How can you engage them so they help to grow your business and protect it for the future? 

We have combined the best of employment services, people development and coaching to create HAPPY 365, designed to help you grow a happy workplace, with less risk.

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