October 13, 2022

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    People are your greatest asset.

    Microsoft Partners have a plethora of pivotal assets such as software, hardware or other intellectual property, but your greatest asset by far, is your team.

    A relationship is a two-way street of course so we have been thinking about what makes a great employer and what do they do to make employees feel valued. What do employees expect of employers?

    We have identified these three important principles and behaviours an employer should demonstrate. One of the best ways to do this is to embed them in your policies, procedures, and practices.

    Happy, engaged employees help businesses grow, win bigger and better contracts, and deliver excellent service. The employer-employee relationship needs to be strong to reap these performance benefits.

    1. Trust

      Employees must be able to trust their employer.

      Fortunately, employment law has developed over the past century to strengthen the trust between employer and employee – Laws now exist to protect a woman from losing out on a promotion while on maternity leave, or to ensure equal pay if she’s not receiving the same remuneration as her male colleagues.

      To build trust, start with the contract of employment – this sets out the promises between the employer and employee.

      Next in the relationship comes staff policies, procedures and practices. Employees must recognise that these policies are fair and trust they will be enforced when needed.

      At Law 365 we recommend that employers create policies that go beyond merely supporting the mandatory employment laws, employers can and should use them to reflect and enshrine the core values of your company.  

    2. Transparency

      This is a fundamental principle that goes straight to the heart of the employment relationship and rule of law itself.

      We believe that transparency and openness in the workplace leads to higher engagement, stronger communication, and can even lead on further to greater levels of creativity.

      We advise our clients of their responsibilities as employers, and how they can protect their interests and those of their employees.  It is important that everyone knows where they stand so they can make the right choices and decisions. Transparency, clarity and certainty leads to a strength of conviction, energy and an aligned approach amongst employees. Ultimately the business is stronger for that.

    3. Consistency

      With consistency comes fairness.

      Inconsistency can be the downfall of management and can erode trust in an instant. Our work with HR, Finance and business owners on company policies extends far beyond paying lip service to some lesser-known law. We strengthen internal processes and train key individuals to ensure policies are implemented and enforced. Processes are the starting point and end point for the management of a company, its employees an ultimately its smooth running.

    These principles led us to HAPPY 365

    HAPPY 365 is our model to help Microsoft Partners grow and develop happier, more profitable teams by marrying executive coaching and employment services. We create employment contracts and policies that promote a good, healthy work environment and a happy culture that sets your company up for success.

    Law 365 have researched why successful companies thrive, particularly why they thrived in lockdown. The answer seemed to stem, not from a killer product or flawless strategy (if there is such a thing), but from the engagement of staff. Staff are most productive when they are actively engaged with what they are doing.

    • Why write policies that are stiff and formal, when they could be warm and engaging?
    • Ditch the legal-speak - Use language that is accessible.
    • Why not make all your documents forward thinking and fun, so they reflect the spirit of your company?

    Be like Richard

    Do you remember what the flight safety announcement was like before Richard Branson and Virgin Atlantic made it engaging?

    Nobody paid it any attention, because it was DULL.

    We will "Richard" your policies by helping you to create policies and contracts that employees want to read.

    Clearer and more transparent, so they allow your company values to shine through.

    We believe our approach in these key employment documents helps Microsoft Partners increase trust, transparency and consistency in their companies.

    Over this past year we have helped our clients write exciting new policies that incorporate wonderful initiatives like unlimited holiday and 4-day working.

    We’ve help companies actively become more inclusive by drafting polices relating to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Anti-Bullying and Harassment, and LGBTQI+

    Think that HAPPY 365 is for you? Why not give us a call?

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