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South Coast Summit: A Swag-tastic Social Sensation

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Billed as "the Largest Microsoft Cloud Technology conference to be held in the UK, in person, in 2021" -- How could Law 365, with a passion for Microsoft, resist? We couldn't wait to get there!

And the Summit delivered -- Some of our favourite Microsoft Partners were there, and they were up for a challenge! 

The task we set was to share an eye-catching post on social media with the Law 365 swag bag to be eligible for one of our great Surface prizes. And suddenly Twitter was awash with the pink and blue!

What swag? Each bag included a power bank to keep tech charged on the day, a USB hub, a reusable water bottle (to reduce single-use plastic waste), and  a copy of our exclusive research with Microsoft Partners.


“ What a fantastic day! By the end I think we’d pretty much given every attendee a swag bag, there was an absolutely sea of blue at the event and on Twitter! What was clear from the event is that our friends and colleagues in the Microsoft Partner Network are all so talented, so encouraging, so supportive, and so willing to laugh! Looking forward to next year, you mad bunch!” -- Elliot Burton, Team Law 365

The social media challenge brought out the creativity in everyone -- from flash mobs, boomerangs, gymnastics and leap frogs! Some very punny jokes too. And even a bit of singing! Thank you to everyone who participated.

And the Surface #Giveaway winners were...

  • Damien Bird 
  • Rupert Squires 
  • Feridun Kadir 
  • Jack Perschke 
  • Michael Roth 
  • Matt Weston 
  • Tricia Sinclair 
  • Damien Bell
  • Twilley 
  • Lloyd Jefferies

Finally a shout out and thank you to the Microsoft Partners who sponsored the South Coast Summit and made it possible:

IngramMicro (Platinum), Curatrix Technologies (Platinum), CPS (Platinum), Hancock & Parsons (Platinum), Solgari (Platinum), Vonage (Platinum), Content and Cloud (Platinum), dox42 (Platinum), Servent (Gold), Exclaimer (Gold), Inciper (Gold), DQ Global (Gold), MartelloTech (Gold), Talk Think Do (Gold)Data8 (Gold), Nasuni (Gold), Grey Matter (Gold), Wisp IT (Gold), Fuse 2 Communications (Gold), intY (Gold), SpinPanel (Gold), Sci-Net Business Solutions (Gold)Maximus IT (Gold), Advancing Analytics (Gold), Akari (Gold), Quest (Gold), Mexa Solutions (Gold), Workspot (Gold), BitTitan (Gold), Fresh (Gold), Veeam (Gold), HSO345 Technology (Gold), ProvisionPoint (Gold), Mercury xRM (Silver), CRM Bot (Silver), Changing Social (Silver), AFD Software (Silver)

South Coast Summit 

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