January 4, 2023

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    The legal industry has been slow to adopt new technologies, but at Law 365, working with tech companies every day, we knew we wanted to embrace AI and all it has to offer with both arms.

    Legal services shouldn't be a privilege for the elite few.

    Law 365’s mission is to help Microsoft Partners grow with less risk, but we know that there are thousands of small businesses that can’t afford our monthly subscription.

    Legal AI democratises legal services and fulfils our commitment to thousands more Microsoft Partners — giving even the smallest business the ability to protect themselves with robust legal contracts.

    So a few years ago we started to hire an in-house IT team to develop legal AI. Last year we received a government grant to develop the work — a ringing endorsement of the value they think we will offer with LawyerBot 365 — and since then it’s been full steam ahead!

    Phase One

    NDA review

    Last year we launched LawyerBot 365 with the capability to review Non-Disclosure Agreements in minutes.

    Like a human lawyer, it flags up areas that need attention, and cross references details like the Companies House information to make sure that it's correct.

    But it does this in minutes, without clients having to speak to a single lawyer.

    As LawyerBot 365 learns, it will be able to review more complex contracts.

    Watch this space!

    Phase Two

    Contract builder

    Early this year, we’re launching the contract building functionality — so clients will be able to use LawyerBot 365 to create their own contracts, using our legal templates, in minutes.

    Contract storage (and maintenance)

    We will also launch our storage solution at the end of Q1.

    So much more than a document repository — LawyerBot 365 will let clients know when contracts are up for renewal or termination and when they need to be reviewed due to legislation changes.

    Never again will you have you search your folders, your inbox, or the printer (!) to find the contract you need. All contracts will be signed digitally and kept securely.

    It's a win-win

    AI is super fast. It's accurate. It works 24/7... You can even send LawyerBot 365 a document at 3am when you're in another time-zone or can't sleep! It works public holidays and weekends. It won't blind you with legal jargon, and it'll never get hangry.

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