November 16, 2022

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    If a genie appeared out of a bottle and granted you (a Microsoft Partner) 5 wishes for your fantasy law firm… what would you wish for?

    (If we don’t have the answer here, we hope you’ll get in touch to let us know what we’re missing!)

    1. Lawyers who understand your business

    Law 365 is a Microsoft Partner, for Microsoft Partners.

    We’re the only law firm in the world that is also a Microsoft Partner.

    What does this mean to you? You ask.

    Well, of course it means we know tech. But it also means we really know Microsoft and how to partner with them. We understand Microsoft rebates and can tell you how to get them. Did you know that just 10 words in your contract that could save you £10,000? And just a few wrong words could cost you more than that!

    We have Azure qualified lawyers. That’s probably worth repeating - Lawyers who are Azure certified and know their CSP from their NCE and DPoR.

    We’re not your competitor, we’re an ISV using the best of Microsoft tech to deliver (and democratise access to) essential AI services.

    We’re genuinely a Microsoft Partner, for Microsoft Partners. We’re the blazing the trail for the future of legal services.

    2. A law firm that will make your CFO smile (Come on - who else can do that?)

    Predictable, affordable legal costs? It’s not a dream, you really can pay one flat monthly fee for all your legal needs.

    Our Finance Manager was so enamoured of the subscription model that she sat down and wrote this blog to tell you why it’s a no-brainer. It’s a great read. Your CFO will want to know more! 5 reasons why subscription services make financial sense.

    3. A holistic approach to help you succeed and avoid risk

    The best contracts and policies in the world won’t help you realise your ambitions if you have systemic problems in the business that aren’t being addressed. So, we’ve come up with an innovative solution!

    Unlike any other law firm, we are a law firm that helps you grow!

    We do this by combining performance coaching and development with our Employment legal offering. We start by helping you define your business goals and purpose. We work with you to identify and address any gaps or issues that need attention.

    Finally, once your team is on the same metaphorical page, we then make sure that your culture is embedded (literally) in all the documents/pages of your business — your staff handbook and every contract and policy. We call this fantastic service HAPPY 365. Find out more here…

    4. An introduction to a community of like-minded people

    Have you heard about the Law 365 Book Club? There’s nothing that brings people together for meaningful discussion and sharing of ideas like a good book.

    So, we started our Book Club during lockdown to keep our clients focused on the future of their business (when many felt at sea) and to give them a break from the relentless time spent on a screen.

    An old-world solution to a very modern pandemic! The response was so positive that we’ve even been shortlisted for a Marketing Innovation Award. Find out more in this blog.

    5. AI that delivers FREE legal advice

    Try it, you’ll like it!

    As lawyers we get very worried when people who aren’t lawyers try to review their own contracts. (There’s a reason we had to study and take those exams).

    Seriously, we’ve seen first-hand how costly it can be for someone to cut corners by DIYing their legal work. That free online contract template looks so tempting, but some things are best left to the experts. Buyer beware. Read this blog before you try it at home!

    Do you have a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that you’d like to have reviewed? Or even one that’s already been reviewed and you’d like to have a second pair of eyes on it?

    Introducing LawyerBot365. He’s free now (because he’s learning), but he won’t be forever, and he offers some things that other online templates don’t- intelligence. He’s also available on weekends and holidays, or even at 3am in the morning.

    Simply email your NDA to us and it’ll be returned in seconds, fully marked up with easy-to-read commentary. It’s still in Beta, so grab this opportunity now while it’s completely free. What have you got to lose?

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