March 9, 2022

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    Do you want to have shiny happy people and be a great place to work?
    Do you want to be recognised as a ‘best company to work for’?
    Do you want to attract and retain the best people?
    Do you want your team to be happy and thrive?
    Do you want your business and profits to boom?

    What creates a great place to work?

    If you want to create a highly admired, great place to work you need happy people! But do you really know what makes people happy?

    Peter Drucker famously quoted that ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’. Do you place a high enough value on building a great work culture?

    To have happy people requires you, as a business owner and/or business leader, to be really clear about your purpose. You need to have a strong and defined value system and provide excellent career progression opportunities for employees. These values will help to develop a great culture where people have fun, trust is high and good relationships are fostered.

    We know that there are ripple effects when you promote a culture of happiness -- happy employees do great work and provide excellent service, making your clients happy, which makes your business grow, which means you can stay true to your purpose and make a difference to others.

    This is something we are proud to say we do well at Law 365, thanks to Kim’s vision and dedication to creating a great place to work. We’ve articulated what the concept of the ‘Science of Happiness’ means to us through HAPPY 365 and have been rolling out internally and across our clients.

    Read on to find out what this means for you!

    Who has inspired our quest for happiness at work?

    Tony Hsieh wrote his bestselling book, ‘Delivering Happiness’ after selling his business Zappos for $1 billion to Amazon. In the book, he shares his theory that by concentrating on the happiness of those around you, you can increase your own and the success of your business. He realised that if the culture was right and his team felt connected to the common purpose of the business it gave them a sense of control over their destiny. Having a common purpose improved performance and happiness, which meant business boomed.

    Dan Pink also talks about a similar concept in his book ‘Drive’ which is focused on what motivates people. He discusses how the traditional concept of the carrot or stick, does not work long term. Just because you pay someone well it does not necessarily equate to excellent performance. People need to be connected to the purpose, find meaning and interest in their work, and they need to have autonomy over how, when and where they work. They also need to achieve mastery, which means they need to have excellent opportunities for progression and training in order to be challenged and motivated. Only when these needs are met will they perform at their best and be fundamentally happy.

    Don’t just take our word for it

    You only need to look at some of the global talent and employee engagement trends that have come out of the past 18 months to understand that creating the right culture and looking after your people is what makes business thrive and is what employees want more than ever.

    Most businesses are struggling to attract and retain notable talent which has escalated as the pandemic has caused people to revaluate what’s important to them.

    The LinkedIn Global Talent report 2022 found that work-life balance trumps even bank balance for job seekers, 63% of professionals select this as their top priority when picking a job, closely followed by compensation and benefits and then culture and colleagues.

    If we flip this around you can see how vital it is to ensure that your business is setup to thrive, that it’s being lead well and that are minimising your exposure to risk.

    What is HAPPY 365?

    HAPPY 365 has evolved from the concept of the science of happiness and the field of positive psychology, which incorporates these 5 key pillars.

    It provides a clear and practical framework to help you figure out which elements in your business need your attention, whether this be developing your team with performance coaching or getting all your employment policies and legal matters in order.

    We know that it can sometimes feel overwhelming to know where to start and that is where our experts at Law 365 can help.

    1.Health - resilience is the key to your success

    We can help you identify how happy and resilient you and your people are and where there are gaps that need to be attended to. We know that happy people show more resilience and are more productive which means your people's health and wellbeing is paramount to getting your house in order. We can work with you through one-to-one or team coaching to create bespoke programmes to build your foundations of resilience, growth mindset and positive wellbeing.

    2.Autonomy - Recognition and rewards

    With purpose and progression comes the confidence to blaze your own trail. We
    can help you make sure you have your house in order when it comes to employment policies and reward systems that will free your employees to empower themselves.

    With purpose and progression comes the confidence to blaze your own trail. We
    can help you make sure you have your house in order when it comes to employment policies and reward systems that will free your employees to empower themselves.

    3.Purpose - Identify your common values/goals/purpose

    We can support you through this process by helping you connect to your purpose. We provide team coaching and workshops to help you define and understanding your why, refining your values, outlining your dream culture. This can be particularly helpful if you are trying to align multiple cultures after a merger to get everyone on board.

    4. Progression - set objectives and KPIs

    We can collaborate with you to design and roll out ambitious career pathways, set clear goals and KPIs for your teams and coach your people so they can be confident, self-aware, and empathetic managers and colleagues, who are all engaged and committed to growing high performing, happy teams.

    5. Your Connections- build trust and strength relationships!

    Finally, we can help you build more trust within your teams, create stronger connections, and embed excellent communication which creates a high performing, happy culture.

    • At an individual level happiness is a choice: Mo Gawdat  says “if you invest in happiness you will get it back, it’s a mathematical equation”.  Promote what you love. Promote the positive.
    • At a leadership level happiness is about showing compassion and drive to champion others. This all starts with building your own self-awareness and understanding what impact you can have on others.
    • At an organisational level happiness is systemic and should be top of the agenda for any business to maximise profits.

    How could this help you grow your business with less risk?

    By embedding these core principles

    • You will attract top talent
    • Reduce attrition rates 
    • Ensure your managers are confident and self-aware enough to lead with empathy and compassion 
    • Make more money!


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    Further reading

    • Read of Tim Wallis’ journey to success. Tim has come on board as our Chief Vision Officer at Law 365, following the success of the sale of his company Content and Code which he grew from an idea to over £16m revenue and £3.8m profit. One of the key indicators of the success at Content and Code was that he embedded the idea of The Science of Happiness.

    We all have a responsibility to make this a priority. Imagine if every one of you prioritised happiness and shared this forward, the compound effect would be incredible on both your people and your profits!

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