April 27, 2022

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    At Law 365 we’re celebrating the “birth” of two really exciting initiatives that we’ve been incubating over the dark winter months.

    • LawyerBot365 – our “digital lawyer” that will review your non-disclosure agreements, saving both time and money, and
    • HAPPY 365 – that brings together the best of our performance coaching and people development with incredible employment legal services to help you to attract and retain the best staff.


    “Spring is about rebirth. It's about growth. It's about seeing all your fantastic ideas materialise into something great.”

    Kim Simmonds, CEO and Founder of Law 365

    What is LawyerBot365?

    We know that many entrepreneurs turn to free contract templates as a way to save money. There’s a lot of choice out there, but read our blog 3 myths about contract templates - debunked (law365.co) to find out how this can actually cost you and open up your business to risk.

    LawyerBot365 uses the latest in machine learning and AI to make legal help affordable, even for a start-up business. It takes on the sometimes lengthy and time-consuming task of sending a contract for review to your lawyer, and aims to democratise legal services for thousands of businesses by providing a solution for a fraction of the costs of its human counterpart.

    Imagine if you could just send your contract (by simply attaching it to an email) and – minutes later -- receive a reply with straightforward instructions and amendments for how to make it less risky.

    LawyerBot365 Beta is for Non-Disclosure Agreements. As you know with AI, the more it reads, the more it learns, so we’re offering it for free at the moment so that it can learn from the best.

    Interested in signing up for our Beta? Visit LaywerBot365 to learn more.

    What is HAPPY 365?

    First, I thought I’d take this opportunity to explain the journey that has led us to this moment of launching HAPPY 365.

    You probably already know that I’m passionate about cultivating a happy workplace and I am so glad that more organisations are focused on this right now -- treating their people with kindness, motivating them to excel, and prioritising their wellbeing before profit.

    A few years ago, I started my personal coaching journey and realised what a talent Louise had. I honestly didn't have BIG plans at that time, but I knew I’d made a significant difference to my husband’s Microsoft Partner business (which was then Content and Code, now Content+Cloud) and that gave me such a buzz. I was helping them grow safely and to navigate the trickiness of some of their customer's terms. I’d watched them grow confidence in their own legal standing. I realised this was why I became a lawyer.

    With coaching, I discovered that what really mattered to me was sharing this buzz with other lawyers. I wanted them to experience the joy of working with these amazing clients.

    Microsoft Partners reading this, you should know that I’ve never experienced clients like you when working in other industries. It’s really such a pleasure.

    Having decided to start my own legal business serving only Microsoft Partners, I knew I wanted to ensure that I was a mindful and deeply caring leader. Like many lawyers of my age, I had too many instances in my past where I was made to feel insignificant because my managers were only concerned about how much I billed. Louise helped me shape my thoughts into what success really looked like.

    So now I ask you…What does success look like?

    • Do you want to have shiny happy people?
    • Do you want to be considered a 'great place to work'?
    • Do you want to attract and retain the best people?
    • Do you want your team to be healthy and thrive?
    • Do you want your business and profits to boom?

    Of course you do!!

    We all know that people are our best asset, and happy people make high performing teams. So that’s how and why we have combined the best of employment services and people development to create HAPPY 365, designed to help you grow a happy workplace.

    COVID and lockdown-life has had a profound impact on the workforce. Terms like “The Great Resignation” have been coined to describe the current climate and the challenges faced by employers to retain and attract the best staff.

    Prevention is better than a cure

    What I’ve noticed over the years is that people tend to turn to lawyers when things go wrong. At Law 365 I want us to address issues before they escalate – to be the vitamin pill you take to stay well, rather than the surgery to fix what’s wrong. There is no point in us providing incredible employment services to a client if there are systemic problems in their business that need to be resolved. So HAPPY 365 is our holistic approach to getting your business in the best shape, top of the podium!

    Our experienced employment team and in-house executive performance coach have come together to provide tailored solutions for you.

    They help you identify where you need help and offer practical solutions:

    • Maybe you need to invest some time aligning your leadership teams to define common goals and objectives?
    • Maybe newly promoted managers can be empowered to develop the leadership skills they need?
    • Maybe you just want to ensure your teams are collaborating and performing as effectively as possible.
    • Maybe you need help crafting some modern people policies at the forefront of your culture.

    Finally, they embed your business values in every document – from employment policies and contracts to the Staff Handbook.

    As always, our goal is to help YOU grow, to be your best, with less risk in your business.

    Leading by example

    So have I achieved this at Law 365?

    We’ve grown fast (we have 10x the staff now than 2 years ago) and I won’t lie, there have been a few growing pains along the way! We’ve had some tremendous successes – read our blog about what we achieved in 2021. We’ve won awards. We’ve given to our local community. In fact, on May 11th, while I’m on crutches with a broken ankle, the team will be walking the Legal Walk 2022 to raise money for Citizens Advice Tunbridge Wells. We’ve launched client book club and a newsletter. Finding great people is a challenge for us all right now, but we’ve worked hard at it and have some excellent new people joining the team.

    In short, we’ve followed the HAPPY 365 principles and are united behind the values that we share. We’re proud to be recognised as a Great Place to Work. Our NPS scores for 2021 were off the charts (which is an indication that our clients and people are happy), but we won’t rest on our laurels and we’re committed to keep up the work required to maintain them. Every day.

    Finally, we’ve got more births to celebrate this spring as we welcome new ‘family’ members at Law 365 (future lawyers, we hope!) -- Our lovely Elizabeth just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Jonny’s expecting his second child, and Jon is about to become a dad for the first time! I’m going to have to open a crèche!

    Wishing you all the joys of Spring!

    Kim Signature Transparent


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