November 16, 2022

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    Thank you for helping LawyerBot 365 get moving for Movember!

    How it works

    (aka the legal bit - Terms and Conditions)

    Law 365 loves that Movember supports men with cancer, men with health problems caused by sedentary lifestyles, and men trying to improve their mental health.

    Our AI robot, LawyerBot 365, has been wanting to take on a challenge, so Law 365 has decided to donate £1 for every new user who sends an NDA for LB365 to review this month (up to a maximum total donation of £1,000).

    It’s a win-win — you get a free document review and you can also help towards changing the face of men’s health! An added bonus is that every NDA that LawyerBot 365 reads helps to improve our legal AI. Tools like LawyerBot 365 will reshape the future of legal services – making them available to people who currently can’t afford them. Legal AI will also transform the lives of young lawyers who are currently bogged down in tedious, repetitive work that AI can do so well.

    We hope you’ll help him reach his goal of 1000 new NDAs, so we can send a £1000 donation to Movember by the end of this month.

    How to get your NDA reviewed

    Just email your NDA to by the end of November 2022 and ask your friends to send him their NDAs too!

    IMPORTANT — For your peace of mind, please note that we apply the same requirements of security and confidentiality to LawyerBot 365 as we do to any matters undertaken by one of our solicitors.

    About Movember

    To find out more about this wonderful charity and the Move for Movember campaign please visit Move for Movember

    Law 365 loves Movember

    Last year we invited Mo Bro, Ben Bowers to talk to the team about Movember and his own experience with testicular cancer. The team 'got moving' andraised almost £2000 for the charity.

    The whole team is moving again for Movember 2022 to keep our AI buddy company. If you'd like to donate more than your NDA to this amazing cause, please sponsor us, here's the link:

    Law 365 sponsorship page 2022

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