June 9, 2022

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    Infinity Group is a highly successful Dynamics and Managed Services Partner, serving small and mid-market clients.

    They already had a good culture but they wanted to be the best. They’d started working on their three year growth plan and knew that people were key to their success. Infinity really embraced the concept of HAPPY 365 and asked us to help them to embed it into their culture. So we set to work!

    What are your values?

    Starting at the top is key to role modelling the change you want to see in your business. So we started with the senior leadership team, helping them to identify and define their set of core values.  If you want to be a purpose-led organisation, you need to be clear why you do what you do and what drives you to do it in the way you do it.

    How can you embed your values in your culture?

    It’s all very well having values but if you don’t put them into action, they are meaningless. We asked the leaders to answer, “What would an ideal person living the company values be thinking and feeling and how would they behave?” Importantly, what behaviours would you not want to see? The senior leaders are now having these conversations with their individual teams – asking them to share their own stories around what the values mean to them and building a sense of excitement and ownership of their workplace culture.

    Great leadership starts with self-awareness

    Following the successful team session, all the senior leaders dedicated time in their diaries to invest in their personal development through one-to-one coaching. Taking time to grow into a more mindful and conscious leader can feel like a luxury for any busy person but the results show that it helps them to nurture happy teams and prepares them to move forward through the sticky times. We all know that ineffective leadership can be toxic, fortunately the long term benefits of great leadership also has a ripple effect on the overall culture and performance. 

    Our Employment team is now playing the vital role of capturing Infinity’s values in all paperwork, so they become part of the fabric of the way they treat employees and work with others:

    • We wanted to understand more about what was important to Infinity, so we started with some collaborative meetings to define the priorities for their people policies and the contract of employment. We listened, we clarified, and we joined forces to come up with a plan. We love it when a plan comes together!

    • We also “ran a diagnostic” on their current set of policies, the handbook and contract of employment to resolve any gaps and issues.

    • Next steps are likely to include working our magic with a brand new “easy-to-read” contract of employment – a visually-fun design with graphics and photos -- and helping to revamp their staff handbook. We want to introduce fresh and friendly new employment policies with a keen eye to embed Infinity’s culture and values in each one.

    Infinity Group is already impressed with the transformation it's seeing and the improvements it’s making. Rob Young, Infinity CEO, is set on building a great place for people to work so the company can scale rapidly.


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