October 27, 2020

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    Since our first blog about the Job Support Scheme, new regulations have come in (starting 28 September 2020) which set out mandatory periods for self-isolation along with associated offences and fines.

    For Employees

    • If an employee has to self-isolate due to Covid-19 (because, for example, they live with someone who has tested positive or have tested positive themselves), they must advise their line manager they are self-isolating. This is now a legal obligation.
    • Employees must not go into the workplace if they are self-isolating.
    • If an employee is not unwell but is self-isolating, then they may continue to work from home.
    • Breaching the self-isolation rules will normally constitute committing a criminal offence.

     For Employers

    • It is an offence for an employer to knowingly permit a worker to attend a place other than where the individual is self-isolating. Fines start at £1000 for employers who breach this regulation. So make sure you have told your employees what is required so there can be no misunderstandings and stop them coming to work!

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