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Elyse shares her first impressions of Law 365

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I heard great things about Law 365 through my network, so when I heard they were looking to hire more Associates, it was an easy decision to apply.

The interview process

During the interview process I met with Kim Simmonds (CEO) and two Senior Associates. During this process Kim explained her vision for the firm and the changes she wanted to implement following her own experiences in private practice. She also explained the work the firm undertakes for Microsoft Partners which sounded really interesting.  

How's it going so far?

I have now been at Law 365 a little over one week and my first impressions are nothing but positive. What initially drew me to Law 365 was their ideas regarding changing the culture of law firms and challenging the status quo. The legal industry is generally quite slow to progress (despite the industries they act for moving at a much faster pace!). It has been nice to see that Kim is putting work in to making the firm as positive an environment as possible. Sometimes corporations talk about making change, but not much action is actually taken. This has not been my experience of Law 365 so far.

From the beginning there have been meetings with the entire firm to discuss what people think is or isn’t working so that Kim can ensure that she is reaching her KPI of a good working environment. There are also discussions regarding the progression of the company and how we can adapt so we can offer the best services to our clients. The opinion of every member of the team is taken seriously and is encouraged, not just those in senior positions. It is exciting to have joined a firm that not only has ambition but also understands the importance of having a good working culture, which I believe has a positive impact on the quality of work produced.

How are your new colleagues?

All of my new colleagues have been friendly, approachable and willing to help with anything I need. I am new to the Microsoft Partner world, and I know there is going to be a steep learning curve, but I am being encouraged to ask as many questions as I need (there is no such thing as a stupid question here). Despite how busy everyone is, time is being made to make sure that I understand not only the work we do but that I also understand our client’s businesses and their industry. This is extremely helpful having come from a mainly contentious background. Although I have some commercial experience, some of the work is still new to me so I appreciate the time being taken to help me adapt.

The firm is also very social which I love, there is a rum and whiskey tasting coming up (exciting!). I have also been told that firm gets involved in gong baths (not 100% sure what it is but I’m definitely intrigued to find out!) and sessions such as yoga and personal training. As well as this, there are catch up coffee mornings on days people are working from home. This is good as there won’t be a day where you haven’t socialised with at least one of your colleagues.

My first impressions are that Law 365 is an exciting firm to be a part of and I am looking forward to contributing to its continuing growth.

Law 365 are hiring!

Join the growing Law 365 team

The team at Law 365 have a bonafide smorgasbord of individual talents and interests, but we’re united in our passion for what we do and the excellent client service we provide. We feel lucky to be working in one of the most dynamic and thriving sectors, with clients who are both ambitious and agile.

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