February 9, 2022

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    Yes, your current terms will need to be updated to reflect these new changes.

    It’s important to make sure you adapt your current terms to include restrictions to cancel subscriptions, inability to decease subscriptions during the term, and ensuring that your liability is limited in relation to Microsoft products.

    As at the time of writing, Microsoft has not issued any contractual documents affecting these changes (and so there is no specific wording to be flowed down into your own customer contracts). On this basis, these suggestions are subject to change, and you should be mindful of any commitments you have made to your own suppliers if you are purchasing subscriptions for your customers on an indirect basis.

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    See our How will changes to the CSP program impact Microsoft Partners? blog for more details on how you could be impacted, or submit you're own question using the form below.

    FAQs on NCE and CSP

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