March 31, 2022

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    Hi, I’m Ryan. I work in Marketing at Law 365 and I'm responsible for our website. I’ve recently celebrated my first anniversary at Law 365.

    It’s been a crazy year of growth and activity here. Some of the highlights for me include Law 365 becoming a ‘Great Place to Work’, and participating in some of the mayhem at our annual retreat. There’s never a dull moment as new people keep joining, and in the last year we’ve grown from 12 staff to 25!

    Part of the Law 365 ethos is to ensure we’re constantly innovating to find new ways of making legal help more accessible and friendly for Microsoft Partners (Microsoft accredited technology businesses). Our website is no different, and throughout the past year it has grown and evolved into a valuable online resource.

    We’ve taken the time to understand what makes acquiring legal help so difficult, and through our research we've learned what your frustrations are when working with lawyers, and figured out ways we can take the friction out of the experience. (We get it! Read our blog, 5 reasons we all hate lawyers).

    I’d like to explore some of the ways we’ve shaped our website to make legal easy for Microsoft Partners... at no cost!

    1. Ask our Experts a question

    All too often we’ve heard that Microsoft Partners don’t want to initiate legal help because they feel that lawyers can be slow (especially when you’re trying to close a deal), they can be pedantic, some people even suggest they employ time-wasting tactics on purpose… and nobody wants to watch the fees stack up, especially when they’re still feeling unsure about what they really need!

    That’s why we launched our Ask the Expert section, allowing Microsoft Partners the chance to ask direct questions to our experienced legal team on their topics of expertise -- commercial law, employment law and Performance Coaching. And to top it off… it’s completely free for Microsoft Partners!

    Maybe you’re sitting there with a question right now… or maybe you just need advice on where to start. You can submit a question here: Ask our Experts.

    2. The Resources Hub for Microsoft Partners

    We take our mission - "to help you grow your business with less risk" – very seriously. Sometimes tech companies bypass the need for proper legal support in order to get deals over the line quickly… perhaps to save a little along the way… or maybe because they feel they simply don’t have time. We get it.

    But imagine walking through quicksand because it’s the easiest route from A to B… would you take the risk?

    Our Resources aim to help you reduce the risk in your business. We’ve written eBooks specifically for Microsoft Partners and recorded video interviews to share our knowledge and legal insights. All for free. Whether you have a passing interest in how other Microsoft Partners survived during the tricky legal climate of Covid-19, or want to know more detailed financials and statistics behind the UK’s top 50 Microsoft Partners, you’ll find it. Or maybe you’re curious to know how Executive Performance Coaching can increase your ROI?

    Visit our Resources hub to find information that could help your business.

    3. Book a free, no-obligation, Teams call

    The legal profession needs to build trust. Give us a call and we’ll show you how we’re different. Just use our book a call function where you can set up a no-obligation Teams call directly into your diary.

    4. Executive Performance Coaching & HAPPY 365

    Executive Performance Coaching still seems a nice to have for many employers, but faced with “The Great Resignation,” shouldn’t your people be your priority? It goes without saying that the landscape of our careers has been completely reshaped and transformed over the last couple of years. Staff retention is becoming increasing difficult for some, with the Office for National Statistics showing the number of job vacancies is up 500,000 since Jan-Mar 2020.

    Allow me to introduce our Executive Performance Coach Louise Otton, who has been helping our clients build better staff resilience, increasing their performance, profits, and employee satisfaction.

    Louise has teamed up with our Employment team, to create our HAPPY 365 offering - which combines the best employment policies with wellbeing and coaching. Find out more about HAPPY 365 and how it can help you retain staff, attract new talent, and to increase your profits.

    5. Microsoft Partner Research 2021

    Last year we commissioned targeted Microsoft Partner research to help our clients benchmark their businesses. The research is a result of a successful collaboration with IT Leaders, Incredible Results and Coeo. We asked the UK’s top 50 Microsoft Partners about financials, business outlook, plus people and culture. The findings are published in our 10-chapter eBook which documents the statistics and data behind MSPs financials and revenues, figures on people, use of office space, IT systems, and perceived attitudes towards lawyers. 2022 research findings are coming soon. 

    How do you compare? Microsoft Partners Insights | Law 365

    6. eNewsletter

    Our eNewsletter launched back in August and provides a curated mix of commercial and employment legal blogs, legislation changes that will affect you as a Microsoft Partner, and general tips on what you should look out for when writing or negotiation contracts. Remember, we’re jargon free… and trying to make law accessible and easy, so our primary goal is to provide you with information that will help your business grow, with less risk.

    In our eNewsletter we also like to use the opportunity to tell you a bit about who we are, the culture we’ve created, what the proudly crazy Law 365 team have been doing in our community. We also drop some more free advice by answering the FAQs you’ve submitted. So ask one now!

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    7. Case Studies and Testimonials

    Another indication of how busy the business has been is the number of clients we now have on the books. We’ve gone from around 10 in 2020 to over 50 today.

    I know the way I buy goods and services online, I want to know what other people think and whether they thought the service was good! Would they use the service again? So we asked our clients for their feedback and here’s what they told us -- check out these testimonial pages and case studies to find out more about what we doing for Microsoft Partners and what our clients think of the team.

    8. Great blog content

    Our blogs aren’t written by a marketing agency, they’re written by our legal time, sharing really valuable information to get you on the right track. Like what you see? Give us a call and we can go into more detail.

    There’s so much more to come too, particularly as we're about to launch our ground-breaking Artificial Intelligence, an incredible step forward  in making legal services affordable for more Microsoft Partners. Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to find out what else we have in store for you.

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    Whether you are just getting started, need a template package or looking for legal help as an annual subscription, we are here to help with any questions you may have.

    Our mission is to help you succeed, with less risk.

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