July 10, 2020

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    There’s a serious lack of trust between lawyers and clients which is why we’ve made every effort to not be like the rest.

    Here are just a few things we know you hate about lawyers:

    Clock watching

    Trust us, we’ve been there. Counting and logging every 6-minute increment of time makes us miserable too.

    For you, time is literally costing you money and every minute it feels like sitting idly by as you watch your money burn. Will it be worth it? It makes your blood pressure soar just to think about it.

    At Law 365 we take away the stress by working on a Legal as a Service model (LaaS) — billing for transactions rather than time, using a monthly subscription model that Microsoft Partners understand.

    No more anxious time keeping, with the added bonus that you can forecast your legal spend well into the future.

    Can you speak legalese?

    Why is normal English suddenly sounding so alien? The words are the same but seem to mean different things. Lawyers are infamous for getting their clients tied in knots over their use of language.

    At Law 365, we explain in simple terms the contract details that you need to protect you from risk and to succeed commercially.

    And the wording really does matter. Just read our blog about “time is of the essence” to see how a small clause can deliver a big punch if you don’t understand the implications.

    It’s important to have a lawyer in your corner to make sure you’re protected, and your contracts are watertight.

    They are timewasters

    How many lawyers does it take to screw in a light bulb? Doesn’t it feel like the simple things – like closing a deal – take so much longer once the lawyers get involved?

    At Law 365, we know that sales are money, and we want you to close the deal and move onto the next one as much as you do.

    Our founder and CEO, Kim Simmonds, is married to an entrepreneur, so she’s extremely aware of the commercial needs of our clients.

    We won’t waste your time. In fact, the feedback we get from all our clients say that we actually save them time. Once we’re on board they find that, instead of being mired in contracts, they can now focus on winning new business.

    Learning to trust your lawyers can take time. That’s why we have shared testimonials from our clients, many of whom you will recognise, or even know personally. Please do ask them what they think of Law 365.

    They are oh so superior

    A law degree doesn’t mean you can run a business. Many Microsoft Partners object to being told what to do by lawyers who clearly don’t have an entrepreneurial bone in their body.

    While they lecture you on case history, you’re losing interest …and clients.

    Law 365 specialises in working solely with Microsoft Partners, so we know what works for you and we can speak your language.

    We’re not the stuffy lawyers you’re used to working with. Have you seen our offices?

    They are pedantic

    Mmmm, is that the quite right word we’re looking for? OK we know this could have been under “time wasting” but we’re still lawyers and we didn’t want to miss anything out.

    We won’t hold you up as we dot every I and cross every T, but we’re pedantic enough to make sure the important details are in place.

    Get started with lawyers you'll love

    We’re different because we’ve modelled ourselves on what you want in a modern law firm.

    Just like you, we don’t want billing by the minute, tons of legalese or overly complex agreements that take weeks to finalise.

    And we certainly don’t believe in sky-high legal bills that are hard to budget for. We know there’s a better way.

    We’ve got what you need, get started!

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