HAPPY 365 combines the best of employment services, executive coaching and people development to help you grow a happy workplace.

It’s a virtuous circle – happy people make happy clients and make your business more successful and profitable.

Now that’s something to smile about! 

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HAPPY 365 benefits

HAPPY 365 helps you

  • Attract top talent

  • Reduce attrition rates

  • Ensure your managers are confident and self-aware enough to lead with empathy and compassion

  • Promote a healthy workforce

  • Make more money!

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What is HAPPY 365?

A framework for happiness in the workplace

HAPPY 365 provides a clear and practical framework to help you figure out which elements in your business need your attention, and in which order.

Some may want to develop their team with performance coaching or get all your employment policies and legal matters in order.

We know that it can sometimes feel overwhelming to know where to start and that is where our experts at Law 365 can help.

Law 365 helps you identify how happy and resilient you and your people are and where there are gaps that need attention.

Happy people are more resilience and more productive so investing in your people’s health and wellbeing simply makes good business. Our one-to-one or team coaching builds a foundation of resilience, growth mindset and positive wellbeing.

We help businesses champion healthy, mindful employees through drafting ‘Stress and Mental Wellbeing at Work’ policies alongside the all-important, must-have ‘Health and Safety’ and ‘Holiday’ policies.

We support businesses with appointing mental health first aiders, menopause and equality champions, mindfulness mornings, mental health days, unlimited holidays, 4 day working weeks, sabbaticals and much, much, more.

Health and resilience

Law 365 drafts cutting edge employment policies, contracts of employment and appraisal and reward systems so that your people are well-informed and have a clear understanding of their role, responsibilities and control over their future.

Our coach can help you identify and train your rising stars, new managers and leaders to be fully supported in their roles

We support managers and leaders in developing themselves, their leadership potential, and communication with their teams.

We work with them to identify strengths and weaknesses and map out their goals for their future and how to achieve them.

We support managers to define clear career paths and objectives for their teams, so that they have a sense of autonomy in their development.


Have you ever spent time connecting to your purpose?

We provide team coaching and workshops to help you define and understand what your purpose is, “Why do you do what you do?” Once you know your why, you can refine your values and outline your dream culture.

This can be particularly helpful if you are trying to align multiple cultures after a merger to get everyone on the same page.

The Employment team will work with you to incorporate your values into your contracts and policies and so your culture is connected to those values at every step of their employment journey – from their initial recruitment, hiring and onboarding all the way through the employment lifecycle including promotion and eventual retirement.


Law 365 collaborates with you to design and roll out ambitious career pathways, set clear objectives and KPIs for your teams.

We coach your people so they can be confident, self-aware, and empathetic managers and colleagues.

Our Employment team helps you to develop bonus schemes and policies that incentivise and reward employees for going above and beyond.

At the same time, we can equip managers with the performance management tools they need to support employees who may be struggling.

We can also provide tailored ‘Training Agreements’ or templates when you want to go the extra mile to support an employee with funding for further qualifications.

Law 365 helps clients to create opportunities between groups for greater connection, feedback and open communication.

Most companies are flexible working, so it’s now more important than ever to create stronger connections in your team.

We can help update your policies around IT and Communications, Hybrid or Home Working and Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity to reflect this new normal and encourage positive collaboration.

Teamwork makes the dream work!


Meet the team

Our Employment Law and Coaching experts

Megan diamond

Embed your values

Revamp your employment policies and Staff Handbook

There are challenges that all businesses face as they grow. It can be difficult for an entrepreneur to navigate some of them – every new member of staff brings a unique set of needs to meet – but don't worry, you're not alone.

Our Employment Partner, Megan O’Hara, and her experienced team will help you to put policies in place that will cement your business' values and culture – from how you manage flexible working, to health and safety.

We provide the three essential ingredients for great employment policies – Trust, Transparency and Consistency – you just need to add that special something that makes your business unique.

Lou diamond

Coaching and development

For happiness, performance and productivity

Our International Coaching Federation accredited Performance Coach Louise works with individuals and teams in your business to help you identify common goals and values so that you can maximise performance, build resilience and overcome challenges.

We all have a responsibility to make happiness a priority. We are all creators of happiness.

Imagine if you prioritised happiness and shared it forward, what would the compound effect be for both your people and your profits?

Read Louise’s blog series

Find out how she’s transforming the way we work together… and with our clients.