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To be the best Microsoft Partner, you need the best legal support
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Tim Wallis C+C

I wanted to build the best Microsoft Partner in the UK. We had to be as good on the inside as we were on the outside, and big part of that is the legal processes and documents. I couldn’t have done it without Law 365 managing my commercial and employment matters.

Polished processes and slick legal documents accelerate growth

As a rapidly growing Microsoft Partner, Content and Code needed their sales team to close business faster.

Law 365 helped by creating bespoke templates for all their contracts: professional services contracts for project work, managed services contracts for their client support, and IP contracts for Fresh, their digital workplace product. 

The new supplier-friendly contract templates were simpler to negotiate, delivering the faster closing of business deals they required.

Law 365 empowers the sales team and frees up time for the Directors

As the trusted advisor to the sales team, Law 365 undertake the contract review and negotiation and ensure they get a fair deal with the client. 

For Content and Code, Law 365 saved valuable time for the CEO, Sales Director and Finance Director by taking care of the contract negotiations.

The senior team were able to focus on the business knowing that they had professional technology lawyers protecting them from risk.

Law 365's experienced lawyers were able to gets a win : win for Content and Code and their client.

Content and Code

Content and Code are a multi-award winning Microsoft Partner. They have been named Worldwide Microsoft Partner of the Year (or runner up) 16 times in 13 years.

Their mission is to change the way the world works with innovative Office 365 solutions and applications built on top of the Microsoft stack. 

They have their own IP for a digital workplaces called Fresh.

Their focus is on winning Enterprise clients to whom they deliver the breadth of Microsoft 365.

  • £16,000,000+ Revenue
  • 16 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards
  • 100+ Employees

Content and Code Key Technology Partnerships

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Law 365 make my life as a Sales Director easier, as I know they will work with individual sales people to ensure we get fair terms on the contracts. I no longer have to review contracts, or be on calls to help negotiate deals - Law 365 take all that stress away.

Paul Marsh C+C – 1

Engaged Employees – Top 100 Best Companies to work for

Content and Code was voted best Company to work for 10 years in a row and was ranked 67th in the Top 100.

Tim Wallis, Founder and CEO, wanted to take an innovative approach to employee engagement, adopting an ethos for staff wellbeing similar to what Tony Hsieh describes in his book, Delivering Happiness.

Law 365 created people-friendly policies, wrote the Staff Handbook, and advised on staff retention, pay reviews and other matters to ensure that Content and Code was a great place to work.

Law 365 also created fair and simple employment contracts, advised on IR35 and ensured any staff dismissals were professionally handled.

Preparing for the business merger or acquisition 

When it came time for Content and Code to merge or to be acquired, Law 365 handled all the legal matters.  

They undertook an audit of all commercial and employment contracts and resolved issues before external due diligence.

Law 365 populated a secure data room with all the relevant documents, ensuring key contracts were redacted to maintain confidentiality.

‘Price chipping’ is a common problem in the sales process -- issues can arise if a business has poor commercial or HR contracts or other ‘skeletons in the closet’.

Law 365 reviewed all commercial and HR documents to ensure a successful outcome so that there was no price chipping.

Services Delivered by Law 365

  • Audit and review of current processes
  • Process Improvements - reducing deal close time
  • Contract Review and Negotiation
  • Back to back agreements
  • Letter of Agreement (LoA)
  • Master Services Agreement
  • SaaS Agreement
  • Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Professional Services Agreement
  • Managed Services Agreement
  • Framework Agreement


Tim Wallis C+C

Law 365 have a great client onboarding process where they analyse not only your documents, but also your processes. They improve both to help you be more efficient in closing deals. Critically they train your staff in what document to use when, allowing everyone to work smarter.

Kim Simmonds, CEO and Founder, Law 365

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