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Sometimes, you just need a little guidance to get started. That’s why we’ve put our most popular legal templates in simple packages – to suit a variety of business needs. All legal templates include notes that explain important clauses in a supplier-focused and friendly format – so that you can make sense of relevant key terms and what they mean for your business. Though these inexpensive packages are a great way to get started for most Microsoft partners, we ask you to bear in mind that they are not tailored to your business. This means they could include/exclude terms that you don’t want or need.

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Win and Deliver

£3,000 + VAT*

If you’re providing support and/or managing systems, you’ll need to ensure that your template is tailored perfectly. Support terms are different from build terms, so you’ll need a specialised approach – we can help you with that.

This document acts as a framework agreement – supported by statements of work for each service a customer takes out with you. If you often propose both consulting/build type of services, alongside support arrangements, we can build a Master Services Agreement that’s perfectly suited to your needs.

All your professional services – including build and consultancy – are covered in a Professional Services Agreement. It acts as a framework agreement, supported by statements of work. Building an excellent client relationship is easy when you have the right documents and specialist advice.

This is a four page document for consulting work less than £25,000. If you need to simply consult without much risk but with contractual cover, we’ll help you create a document that’ll get your business moving.

We love what NDAs can do for our clients – so much so that we’re developing an AI tool to review them for you to flag potential issues and tell you how to correct them. Watch this space. Until then, our human lawyers will review these for you!

Hiring and Firing

£2,700 + VAT*

As well as defining the role of an employee, an employment agreement sets out the areas which, as a business owner, you need covered. Without one of these, your business is exposed to risks that we can help you avoid.

A consultancy agreement is useful when hiring a contractor or consultant, as it formalises the relationship between those involved and avoids any IR35 issues!

Laws for hiring interns are different than traditional employment terms. In these cases, you will need to put together a specific internship agreement – Law 365 can help.

A staff handbook is a binding or non-binding agreement that documents the internal policies you have for your employees. It’s essential for guaranteeing happy and productive employees – we’re happy to help you create one.

When you need to exit an employee and you have both decided to settle any potential claims, we can help with a settlement agreement.

Website and App

£1,500 + VAT*

When using your website, it is important to set ground rules on how to use the website properly. We can help you understand how to protect yourself and your clients with ease.

A privacy policy is essentially a legal document that is needed whenever you collect personal information from your customers. We’ll ensure that your privacy policy tells your clients everything they need to know.

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We are happy to talk you through what the legal templates include and to see if they would be suitable for your business. Just give us a call on 020 8132 6943, we'd love to talk to you. We can use Microsoft Teams and screen share, so you can review the contracts to make sure you are getting what you need.

* Please note these templates are not designed specifically to be fit for your business purpose.  We are happy to tailor these templates to your needs as adhoc or a one off piece of work, for an additional charge.  Please call us on 020 8132 6943 as we are happy to help with no obligation


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