Employment legislation changes 2023

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Employment legislation

Employment legislation changes in 2023

This event has happened. View the recording and useful links here.

To get you ready to rock 2023, we will update you on the major employment legislation changes this year and cover what you need to do to prepare.

We strongly recommend acting now as it's always better to get policies updated before they become law. It'll also make you look extremely competent, which is a bonus!

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Thursday 2 February at 11am

The presentation should last for about 30 minutes, but we'd love to answer any questions you have after that, so allow for 45 minutes to one hour max.

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What we'll cover

  • Flexible working

    The government recently announced that this year it will be introducing new flexible working requirements for all employers. Most notably, flexible working will become a Day One right. You will need to prepare for these changes by updating your policies and informing your staff.

    What's the future of flexible working?

  • Harassment

    Harassment in the workplace remains a topical issue. Proposed amends to current harassment laws are making their way through Parliament. We will discuss how you can take steps to prevent harassment at work and what you need to consider to ensure that your Anti-bullying and Harassment policies remain up-to-date.

    Legislation changes: Sexual harassment in the workplace

  • Do you have a question for us?

    Still confused about IR35? Concerned about layoffs? Let us know so we can include it in the broadcast.

Some businesses may not even have a Flexible working policy or Anti-harassment and bullying policy in place, so this is the perfect opportunity to rectify that!

Law 365 is here to help make sure that you're not only compliant but going above and beyond the statutory requirements to be a GREAT employer.